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Remaining Unvaccinated Against COVID Is Like Drunk Driving

The current daily average of deaths due to COVID 19 in the US is over 1000. According to health experts, remaining unvaccinated is the same as driving while drunk. The country should talk to its population in this way. Authorities have to warn people that deciding to skip COVID 19 inoculation is like driving when drunk.

Remaining Unvaccinated Against COVID Is Like Drunk Driving

The observation comes in the wake of President Biden’s COVID 19 vaccination action plan for the country. He directed the Labor Department to require all firms with more than 100 employees to offer their staff two options. Either they should get vaccinated or they should submit to weekly tests. He also signed an order in this regard. It requires that all Federal employees receive their COVID 19 vaccines. The interesting thing is that he does not give any option of regular testing to skip vaccination.

Remaining Unvaccinated Against COVID Is Like Drunk Driving

Certain Republican members oppose the measure. They observe that this is an over-reach. Health officials, however, feel the opposite. The President should have made his measures more stringent in view of the present Delta variant, they say. When it comes to the health of the general public, this is never an over-reach. Some among them even opined that this is something the President should have done much earlier. And he should have gone farther.

The US is facing the worst health crisis it has ever witnessed.

More than 1000 Americans die every day, therefore, setting up laws to ensure the well-being of every single member is its duty.

Last week, more than 1100 people died every day and this number is the highest since the month of March.

73.5% of the country’s eligible population has received at least one dose of the vaccine. However, millions of vaccine-eligible Americans still remain unvaccinated. In the meantime, the Delta variant continues to spread rapidly among the unvaccinated.

A large number of Americans are hesitant to receive their shots against COVID 19. The reluctance is rampant among minorities. This is where the virus is causing havoc.

America is a country with certain rules and regulations. Smoking is forbidden in most of our buildings. Drunk driving is not allowed here. No one can smoke in planes. In the same way, no one has the right to spread the virus to others.

This should be the way in our country. Refusal to receive the vaccination is an offense to society at large. And it is sure to have consequences. The worst among them is that it will deprive you of your income.

As per a recent poll, 56% of Americans approve of vaccine mandates at work. For 53%, it is fine for restaurants. 61% bat for vaccine requirements in air travel.

There is no such a time as too early or too late to get vaccinated. You can convince your vaccine-hesitant loved one to get inoculated now.

A vast majority of these people are vaccine-hesitant. All it requires is a deep and compassionate conversation to convince them. It may take time. But it will happen.

Six States reported a 10% increase in the number of new infections from that of the past week. Some did not report anything; neither decline nor increase.

Alabama recently reported a decline in the number of infections. But it is now facing a shortage of 60 ICU beds. It implies that 60 seriously ill patients are unable to get the care they need due to a shortage of beds. At present, the hospital is caring for them in an emergency room. They even have converted ordinary beds to ICU beds to treat them. There are also other States that report similar situations.

In the meantime, the country is having a heated debate with regard to mask mandate.

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