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Republican Senators Romney and Sasse Decry Trump Efforts To Challenge The Election

Trump is in no mood to concede defeat even after Biden has a clear majority in the elections. The last-ditch efforts by Trump and his legal team to convince state and local politicians to reverse the elections has invited a lot of criticism even from some Republican leaders.

Republican Senators Romney and Sasse Decry Trump Efforts To Challenge The Election

Two Republican senators sharply denounced such efforts by Trump and said that this is an undemocratic action from the sitting President. Sen. Mitt Romney said that the legal team of Trump have failed to make even a plausible case of widespread fraud before the court. They had alleged that there was widespread fraud during the recent elections but failed to provide any substantial evidence to the courts.

The Trump campaign had filed a series of lawsuits across the country to challenge the electoral results. However, most of the cases were dismissed as petty efforts by the President to save his seat. As the cases did not have much ground, the legal team of Trump are now trying to convince state and local officials to subvert the election results. This is a clear manipulation of the mandate given by the people. Romney added that it was difficult to imagine such a worse undemocratic action by Trump and his team.

Sen. Ben Sasse also voiced similar concerns with regards to the efforts made by Trump and advised his constituents to ignore such tweets by the President that claim massive fraud during the recent elections. He added that as such allegations are coming without any proof and false news is spread during the news conferences by the Trump campaign. He added that what really matters is the statement of the legal team in the court, and the tweets and news conferences should not be taken seriously.

Sasse said in a statement that Trump campaign lawyers would not be able to allege widespread fraud before the court as they are under oath and this will have legal consequences in future. Donald Trump also reacted to Romney’s statement and called him RINO, which meant Republican in name only.

Even during the election campaign, Trump had made baseless claims that the only way he could lose elections was if it was stolen from him. He had declared himself as the winner on election night even when millions of votes were still not counted across the country. However, when the final numbers came out, it tilted in favor of Biden, who was leading by a comfortable majority. Many news organizations had declared Biden as the President-elect soon after such numbers came from the election officials. However, Trump still refused to accept the outcome and was accused of fraud without providing any evidence to the court.

In a few states where the numbers were close between Trump and Biden, the Trump campaign filed multiple lawsuits but failed to provide any evidence of fraud. Most of the lawsuits were rejected outright by the judges as they were talking about a small number of votes that could not have impacted the final outcome in any manner.

The President has tried every trick in the book to delay the certification of election results with the hope that he can manage to win Michigan with the help of Republican-controlled legislatures. Soon after some Republican election officials in Michigan reluctantly agreed to certify election results, Trump called them and managed to get an affidavit signed saying that they would backtrack on the certification.

However, top leaders of the Republican party in the Michigan Senate have publicly rejected flipping the state’s electors to Trump. In Michigan, the Trump campaign has withdrawn five lawsuits as they were not able to produce any substantial proof to the courts. Trump lost to Biden by more than 150000 votes in Michigan, and there was no way he could manage to flip the victory using some tricks.

Republican leaders now feel that Trump’s news conference has done nothing significant to change the outcome and it will only erode public trust in the long run. They feel that the nation is run by laws and not tweets. Considering these developments, it has become obvious that the Republicans have finally given up and do not want to stand with Trump with regards to baseless allegations of election fraud as this will damage their reputation in future.

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