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Republican Senators Voted Against Trump Confront Political Counterblast

Republicans who deviated from the party to vote for former President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial are widely facing backlash within. 

There were seven Republicans who stood against the former president of the nation to be proven guilty for inciting Jan. 6th’s Capital attacks.

This becomes the first-ever action in American political history, in which a large number of politicians vote against a president who belongs to their party.

Republican Senators Voted Against Trump Confront Political Counterblast

The total number of people who voted against Trump to prove him guilty was short of the required. However, the seven votes from Republicans arose a bipartisan condemnation in both houses of Trump. 

Trump is acquitted on charges for the incitement of an insurrection, provoking his supporters to break into the Capitol. 

The seven Republic senators who voted against Trump were Richard Burr of North Carolina, Susan Collins of Maine, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, Mitt Romney of Utah, Bill Cassidy of Louisiana, Patrick Toomey of Pennsylvania, and Ben Sasse of Nebraska. 

When the impeachment trials of Trump were finished recently, Bill Cassidy, Pat Toomey, and Richard Burr had to face open criticism from the party officials at home. 

Cassidy had to receive condemnation from Louisiana’s executive committee as they censured him by voting unanimously against him.

In their tweet on Sunday, they openly said that they condemn Cassidy that convicted Trump. The tweet further said that it was fortunate that the convictions on Trump are released.

 Jeff Landry, Louisiana’s Attorney General also tweeted that Cassidy has fallen into the traps of Democrats to make Republicans fight against Republicans.

While in Pennsylvania, the GOP chairman Lawrence Tabas admonished Senator Toomey because he voted against Trump.

Tabas said that he shared the disappointment of many of the Republican grassroots leaders and volunteers. He stated that the impeachment proceeding resulted in an unnecessary waste of time and energy, which did nothing good to unify the American people. 

Senator Burr also had to confront criticism from the chair of North Carolina’s Republican Party, Michael Whatley.

Whatley said that Burr’s vote was shocking and disappointing, as he was sent to the U.S Senate to uphold the constitution of the country. 

The South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham also said that Burr’s vote just made Lara, Trump (Trump’s daughter-in-law) to be the certain nominee to replace Burr from his seat in the Senate.

The senators who stood against Trump also justified their votes in their tweets. Cassidy’s tweet on Sunday said that the country and its constitution is more important than any one person, and he voted because Trump is guilty. 

Soon after Cassidy’s tweet, Toomay’s tweet appeared saying that Trump betrayed the constitution and his oath of office needed to be convicted.

He said that he also voted to elect Trump as the president in part because of the many accomplishments of his administration, but he betrayed the confidence of millions of Americans after the election.

Senator Burr also came with a statement that said that Trump bore responsibility for the tragic events that happened in the U.S Capitol on the 6th of January. He voted to convict Trump because the evidence is compelling that Trump is guilty 

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