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Rich Countries Hoard COVID 19 Vaccines And Treatments

The US has fully inoculated 53% of its population. It has already administered booster doses to 1.5 million people.57% of the population of the European Union is fully inoculated. France and UK have begun giving booster doses to their citizens. Africa, in the meantime, has fully vaccinated only 3% of its population.

Rich Countries Hoard COVID 19 Vaccines And Treatments

United Nations accuses wealthy nations of hoarding COVID 19 vaccines, treatments, and PP
E kits. According to the agency, their inability to bring balance in their distribution is causing more outbreaks across the globe. The two agencies; WHO and UN made these accusations during a question-answer session on their social networking platforms. The WHO always advocated for vaccine equity across the globe from the time the immunization program began.

Rich Countries Hoard COVID 19 Vaccines And Treatments

Nowadays, it has renewed its criticism.  Some among them have even started administering booster shots. When doing so, they are not only being unjust. They prolong the pandemic and contribute to the increasing number of deaths all over the world.

World Health Organization had asked rich countries to stop administering booster vaccine doses, at least until August. The agency requested them to redirect the supply of doses to low-income countries. It hoped at that time to inoculate at least 10% of the population of all nations in the world by August. At present, it aims to vaccinate 40% of the world population by the end of the year.

The US has administered the two doses of a vaccine to 53% of its population. The country has already offered booster shots to 1.5 million people. European Union, in the meantime, fully inoculated 57% of its people. It too has started administering booster shots.

Africa could fully vaccinate only 3% of its population. 27 countries on the continent have only been able to administer less than 50% of their vaccines.

If the rate of vaccination remains at its current pace, Africa may not be able to vaccinate even 10% of its vulnerable population by next month.

According to CDC, up to 62% of the country’s population has received at least one dose of the vaccine. They will start administering booster vaccine doses towards the end of this month. The White House announced recently that the country has donated 1110 million doses of vaccine. It has pledged 500 million doses to over 100 countries. But according to WHOM, rich countries are not doing enough.

They are not fair in distributing COVID 19 vaccines, treatments, and protective equipment to low-income countries. Their rhetoric sounds appealing, the agency said. They speak about sharing and promise to be just. But when it comes to practice, they hoard the available tools of safety to fight against the pandemic.

In the meantime, WHO says that COVID 19 virus is capable of mutating like that of flu. And it is here to stay with us for years to come.

The world was given a chance to eradicate it. But it did not respond to the call on time. It was not fair enough in its distribution of the vaccine doses.

At present, a vast majority of people remain unvaccinated. And in the countries like Africa, the virus will continue to mutate. It will spread to other parts of the globe and will repeat the process. The hope of eliminating the virus is almost gone.

Vaccine manufacturers like Moderna too had warned of the same situation. The world will have to tolerate the virus as long as it lasts, it said. Get vaccinated at the earliest. Even now, that remains the only hope of staying safe from the disease.

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