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Riddle Hospital & Lankenau Medical Center Win Healthgrades Awards

Riddle Hospital & Lankenau Medical Center Win Healthgrades Awards

COVID-19 is giving a tough time for people all around the world, especially people dealing with healthcare. Doctors, nurses, health care workers along with the whole hospital management were grasping at straws during the pandemic. Despite these hurdles, two branches of Main Line Health have been recognized as the top clinics of America.

Riddle Hospital & Lankenau Medical Center Win Healthgrades Awards

Lankenau Medical Center and Riddle Hospital belong to the Main Line Health group. These two centers have been regarded as the top healthcare clinics of America by America’s number one care website Healthgrades.

Riddle Hospital & Lankenau Medical Center Win Healthgrades Awards

Healthgrades was declared the Best Hospitals in America on February 8, 2022. It has announced awards for the top 50, 100, and 250 finest hospitals. It also awards the top 1% 2% and 5% of nest hospitals in the country. It provides the awards on the basis of data obtained from all the precise healthcare-related resources and ratings. 

Lankenau Medical Center has been awarded among the top 1% of hospitals in the United States. It is one among the top four hospitals from Pennsylvania being granted and Riddle Hospital lies among the top 2% of the hospitals as ranked by Healthgrades. 

Mainline health was founded in 1985 and it is a nonprofit health system. CEO of Mainline health is John Lynch and Elizabeth Balderston is the Chairperson of Mainline health. It is in service for people of the western suburbs of Philadelphia and Philadelphia. It consists of four branches of hospitals. They are:

  • Bryn Mawr Hospital
  • Lankenau Medical Center
  • Riddle Hospital
  • Paoli Hospital

The other healthcare centers of Mainline health are:

  • Mirmont Treatment Center for drug and alcohol recovery
  • Bryn Mawr Rehabilitation Hospital
  • Main Line Health HomeCare & Hospice
  • Lankenau Institute for Medical Research

Mainline Health has grabbed many awards for its service. Their care, quality, and service are highly graded by people. It has received awards like the Mid-Atlantic Alliance for Performance Excellence (MAAPE) Excellence Award, the nation’s highest distinction for nursing excellence, and System Magnet designation.

Healthgrades announced that about 82% of the people rated Lankenau with 9 points out of 10 based on their stay there. It is declared one among the top 50 cardiac and pulmonary care centers. This is for the third time that Lankenau is positioned on the top 50 charts of Healthgrades awards. 

President of Lankenau Medical Center Phillip Robinson said this award is the recognition for the brilliant work of the staff and support of Mainline health. The reason to obtain the top 1% ranking among all the hospitals in the country is because of the higher-level care provided here, especially for lung-based and heart-based care. The patients are treated with utmost care as they wish to be treated, which results in their health betterment.

Lankenau Medical Center is a branch of Main Line Health. It is located outside Philadelphia. It is bringing up new advances in disease research, detection, treatment, and saving lives. It is one of the topmost cardiovascular centers in the US. It is a nonprofit center that focuses on health-related research.

Lankenau Medical Center has bagged many awards and titles for its friendly service, care, treatment, and quality.  It has achieved the Goldenseal from The Joint Commission for breast cancer care and stroke care approval. It is remarked as the finest care provider for surgical care, heart attack, pneumonia, and heart failure. 

It is the first time for Riddle hospital to be placed in America’s 100 Best Hospitals Award by Healthgrades. For the past two years, Riddle was among the Top 250 grades. Healthgrades reported that about 72% of people gave 9 points to Riddle.

President of Riddle Hospital, Shelly Buck, DNP, MBA was thrilled on Riddle Hospital being announced the top 2% award from Healthgrades. She said this can be considered as a commendation for the entire team of Riddle including the doctors, nurses, and physicians. It feels good to be recognized for our work by the public ratings and research for the service we render. 

Riddle Hospital is a nonprofit branch of Main Line Health. It has 204 inpatient beds and is an acute care hospital. Riddle is well known for its special treatment like heart failure, knee replacement, and hip replacement. It has received the designation of top manager of Key Quality Measures consecutively for the fourth time. U.S. News & World Report’s of 2019 – 2020 has ranked Riddle as the Top 13th hospital in the entire region of Philadelphia. 

Healthgrades has analyzed the healthcare data of the past three years to declare the awards. The medical results and clinical excellence of all the hospitals were inspected from 2018 to 2020. It is among hospitals of 31 specialties of 4500 in number. Healthgrades adds that if every hospital performs in such a way 160,000 more lives can be saved efficiently.

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