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Rise In Covid Cases Yet Again Overshadow’s Biden’s Achievement

The President, Joe Biden leveraged his campaign on the premise that the government could still work, even at a time of fractious political division.

When the US Senate held a vote this week, with bipartisan support, about whether or not to start working on an infrastructure bill that president Biden supported, he seemed to have some proof of the concept.

Rise In Covid Cases Yet Again Overshadow’s Biden’s Achievement

This particular triumph was overshadowed by the rising cases of Covid that have originated from the Delta variant which has forced the reinstating of mask mandates. It has also imperiled the economic recovery of the nation and posed threats to Biden’s promise that he would somehow lead the country out of the pandemic.

Rise In Covid Cases Yet Again Overshadow’s Biden’s Achievement

The former press secretary to President Barack Obama said that the Democrats have to start putting results on the board while entering 2022. He mentioned that Covid clouds on the horizon make getting infrastructure and reconciliation done all that much more important. He added that it is essential for the new administration to communicate with the masses regularly and prepare everyone for the ups and downs of the pandemic.

The President has received strong marks in most public polls for his first six months in office. A few highlights in the form of the full vaccination of more than 60% of citizens, the creation of 3 million new jobs, and the passage of a 1.9 trillion-dollar Covid relief bill.

Recently, he has ensured progress on the huge infrastructure track that could inject 4.5 trillion dollars into the country’s economy. Amidst all of this, he also paid attention to future moves on voting rights and immigration.

Although these positives exist, the highly contagious Delta strain combined with stubborn people who are hesitant to take vaccines which accounts for a significant portion of the population has alerted officials to the possibility of another wave of the pandemic.

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These bleak prospects have rattled financial markets along with long-term inflation.

President Biden has entered a testing phase of this term as the virus has yet again proved to be a menace to society by fogging the prospects of a return to normalcy.

Biden, while interacting with reporters said that he understands how hard and frustrating it is to hear and think that we are still in this fight. He added that he hoped that this would be a simple, straightforward line without any problems or new challenges, but that is not real life.

At the same time, the response from the administration has not been seamless. The response has been criticized for how it has issued confusing guidelines with regards to when and why vaccinated people would need to continue wearing masks indoors.

While addressing over 1000 people without masks at the White House, President Biden said that July 4th was the day that the country declared independence from the virus, but only a few weeks past that day, journalists working at the White House were asked to use face masks regardless of their vaccination status.

Across the country, Americans who celebrated a sort of return to ‘normalcy’ are being asked to wear masks again which has caused some resentment. The recalling of the mask mandates has left some questioning whether the Biden administration had been a little too swift to relax guidelines.

Hesitancy for the vaccine has been strongly correlated in areas with strong support for former President Donald Trump. Some conservative media sources have amplified the hesitancy.

Any President should ideally be able to set organized and carefully laid out plans in order to deal with a sudden crisis. President Trump was overwhelmed by the pandemic and his reelection argument was a strong economy that was falling away every day.

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