Risk For Heart Disease Could Be 1.41 Times More With Lack Of Sleep!

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : February 17, 2022

We don’t need to rely on scientific studies to know about the importance of sleep in our lifestyle. But we need these scientific studies to make us understand about risks that we can endure due to the lack of sleep in our day-to-day life. Reports say that people with a bad sleeping cycle face 141% of the chances of having heart disease.

Risk For Heart Disease Could Be 1.41 Times More With Lack Of Sleep!

Since we know that there are a lot of people facing the problem of low sleep, we need to know why these things are actually happening?

Risk For Heart Disease Could Be 1.41 Times More With Lack Of Sleep!

So following are some of the reasons why people can’t get the required quantity and quality of sleep:

• Mental state of not prioritizing sleep over other works.


Feeling lonely or isolated from others.

• Poor lifestyle habits, etc.

There are more than these particular reasons for a person’s lack of sleep. Exercise and good eating habits affect sleep in a positive way whereas consumption of caffeine and alcohol affects sleep negatively.

To get better sleep people just need to change some of their habits which would make them feel fresh when they wake up and give them sufficient energy throughout the day. Medical conditions such as obstructive sleep apnea or restless legs syndrome can cause difficulty in the normal sleep cycle of the person.

It is recommended for adults to sleep at least 7 hours or more.

The amount of sleep could vary a little from person to person. Even after knowing these statistics, most people are sleeping less than they actually should.

One of the quite forgotten effects of sleeping less than you should is that it often leads to the person being drowsy. This drowsiness can cause a lot of mishaps such as an accident. There have been numerous cases where a person got involved in an accident due to being drowsy and careless.

Let us now know about the recent study conducted by the researchers of the University of South Florida. Here are the details of the experiment:- 

• The research was conducted to look at the different branches of sleep and the stimulus connected to it.

 • Out of 6,280 adults who had an average age of 53. 633 had to wear a research device on their wrists.

• The device is known as an actigraph. It uses actigraphy technology to look over the cycles of activity and sleep for a few days.

• Apart from the device the participants also had to report their self-sleep health.

• The people who self-reported showed 54% more chances of carrying heart disease.

• On the other hand, people who wore the device and also self-reported had a 141% increase in the chances of developing heart disease. 

The outcome of this research was that if you want to eliminate the extra chance of heart disease then it requires you to sleep healthy. If the sleep pattern is not broken then the heart rate does not get slowed down, blood pressure gets lowered and you would experience a stable breathing experience.

In addition to these findings, the researchers also asked the subjects about their health to analyze various things like race, sex, physical activity, etc, which can affect sleep and diseases. When things were split up, women reported more sleeping issues but men reported more risk of heart diseases.

On the other hand, when both the parameters were merged no such difference was observed and both genders showed equal vulnerability.

This research just re-invents the importance of sleep in our lives. We tend to ignore sleep health issues but now we should not as this could bring us more problems in the future. So try to improve your eating and lifestyle habits that affect your sleep in a positive manner.

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