Risk Of Stillbirth, Low Birth Weight Increases With Maternal Covid Infection

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : January 17, 2022

The Covid infection is a big concern for pregnant women as they are worried that the babies can get affected. Even when the early trials for vaccines were conducted, pregnant women were not included due to a lack of information about the behavior of the virus.

Risk Of Stillbirth, Low Birth Weight Increases With Maternal Covid Infection

Even though newborn babies were not much affected due to Covid, it still affected their health in some manner when pregnant women were infected with Covid 19.

Risk Of Stillbirth, Low Birth Weight Increases With Maternal Covid Infection

Recent studies in this regard show that the chances of stillbirth and preterm birth were higher in pregnant women infected during the first or second trimester. On the other hand, when women got infected with Covid 19 in the third trimester of pregnancy, it usually increased the chances of small for gestational age babies.

The health records of thousands of pregnant women who had contracted Covid were examined as part of the research. Most of the women had moderate infections, and none of them were severe cases.

However, the severity of the infection was not related to the gestational age at delivery. It was evident that the babies were affected somehow, even when the infection was mild.

In order to take into account a variety of participants, the researchers analyzed data from different locations and of women belonging to different ethnicity. In every case, it was clear that the health of newborn babies was affected to some extent when the mother was Covid positive during pregnancy.

In this regard, researchers are calling for an increased examination of such patients even after delivery. It is essential to monitor the health of both the mother and baby for some time after the delivery so that it can give some idea about how the virus is affecting both of them in the long run.

It is interesting to note that the study was conducted during the early stages of the pandemic when vaccines were not readily available. In this regard, most of the participants were not vaccinated, and they had to depend on natural immunity to fight the virus.

However, the situation has changed a lot in recent months, and a variety of vaccines are available in the market. Considering this situation, further research must be conducted to assess the health risks for newborn babies when mothers are infected with Covid 19 during pregnancy.

Many health experts are hopeful that vaccinations will be very useful in preventing negative outcomes during delivery. As the vaccine reduces the chances of severe infections and develops antibodies to fight future infections, newborn babies can also get protection from Covid when the mother is vaccinated.

It is important to study more cases in this regard and include participants who have taken both doses of vaccines. In this way, the comparison between those cases that have not taken vaccination can be done along with the outcomes of both cases.

This will answer a lot of questions about the potential benefits of vaccines for newborn babies. As of now, vaccines are not available for children under the age of five. They are the most vulnerable group at this moment, and it is important to protect them from infections at this stage.

However, not many children have been affected due to Covid 19, and scientists feel that using other generic vaccines might have offered some degree of protection to these kids.

As vaccines are now readily available, pregnant women who are not vaccinated must get in touch with their doctors and discuss the potential benefits of vaccines. In this way, they can prevent a lot of complications during delivery.

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