A Breakdown In A Relationship Ends The Romantic Love

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : February 16, 2022

Love is said to be a magical feeling but it is more important to feel loved. You can love someone and also be loved. What’s more important is how long? When you’re in love the person seems right, everything seems to be accomplished but here’s the truth, love just makes you happy and more involved in progress. When you’re in love, the partner seems to have a positive trait but in love, you’re actually ignoring the negatives.

A Breakdown In A Relationship Ends The Romantic Love

We have to understand, no one is perfect, and here is the truth neither is your partner. One might call the feeling of love romance. Love just elevated your dopamine level increasing your happiness. We are all well aware of the fact that love often leads to emotional and physiological instability leading to a variety of problems.

A Breakdown In A Relationship Ends The Romantic Love

It has been noted that people tend to spend over 85% of their awake time or waking time thinking about their love. When in love people generally tend to be emotionally dependent on their partner. This might cause possessiveness, jealousy, fear of rejection and separation, anxiety. When these things don’t come in between love can make you sad. So love is basically affecting our mental health. When we are celebrated in love our mental well-being stays healthy.

Relations can become toxic or difficult at times and you might find yourself losing romantic feelings for your partner. But if you’re truly in love then work harder to win your partner again. There are certain cases where things might not work out, at times like these it’s better to walk away. While breaking up, both the men and women are affected.

There is this age-old stereotype of men being ‘less emotionally attached in a relationship but it does not hold true, men too are affected. It’s not just the women who suffer, it’s the men too.  Men become emotionally dependent on their partner and after parting they didn’t just lose their love, they’ve just become emotionally dependent.

Love is an addiction that grows with you. They just can’t focus on anything, it all seems to be awful. A man may say that he is fine with inside he is not. They would rather suffer alone and inside than announce their feelings after the breakup.

It doesn’t matter whether the relationship ended on a bad note or a good not, the fact is it has ended. Suffering is faced after a breakup and it hurts a lot. It is a loss of connection with your loved one. Separation is always complicated and it takes time to move on. When you are romantically attached to a person, it is not easy to part ways with them. When a romance ends, the men feel the pain too. There is a lack of motivation, low self-esteem, and underconfidence in your own yourself. There are a lot of self-destructive thoughts as well, but that is not the solution.

When in love you feel emotionally connected with everyone around you but when you have parted ways, you are emotionally detached from everyone around you. In the end, what matters is you because you’re the only one who will always be there with yourself. Love is an amazing feeling, but if you’re detached you should control your thoughts.

Your thoughts lead to your action, hence one should mind their thoughts. Breakup is not easy but eventually, you have to figure a way out to stay happy. Love is just an emotion and so is happiness. When in love you often mix them up and start referring to love as your happiness. Yes, love gives you happiness but happiness is a different emotion.

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