Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Death: Record-Breaking Donations

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : September 21, 2020


After the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, U.S. Supreme Court Justice, on Friday, everyone witnessed record-breaking money poured in from Democratic candidates to the political left. Same time, Democrats were on the way for a nomination fight before the upcoming presidential election, and they were looking out to build momentum for the next Senate takeover. Now, the fundraising energy has set off, and there is a debate with the party.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg's death: Record-breaking donations

Some were thinking about Amy McGrath, Kentucky Democrat, to boost in the uphill reelection challenge. The reelection will be against Mitch McConnell, Senate Majority Leader. But others said the money could be spent better in other places. A donation processing site, the liberal-backed ActBlue, helped Democratic candidates. Organizations and Committees raised money over $95 million from when Ginsburg’s death was announced until Sunday morning. There is a live tracker on ActBlue’s website, and it shows the number, and the same also tallies fundraising numbers by Democratic in real-time. After Ginsburg’s death announcement, just within an hour, they raised $6.3 million. The number is more than any past or one-hour time frame in the history of ActBlue in the last 16 years. Within 24 hours, there was a record of 1.5 million contributions towards ActBlue after Ginsburg’s death announcement. The organization broke it won record in money raised within one day.

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Erin Hill, ActBlue Executive Director, said in a statement, “When there was a death announcement made of Ginsburg, even though it was a devastating loss, there was inspiration from people taking action. They honored her legacy. It was record-breaking donations, and we can understand that small-dollar donation shows people’s eagerness to fulfill her legacy. They are now ready to fight back against McConnell’s and Trump vow and push through Supreme Court nominee.” “People helped with more than $18 million donations, and we are still counting. The donations were raised through ‘Get Mitch or Die Trying.’ The fundraising was led by a group of former Obama administration that aids behind Crooked Media. The effort is towards raising money primarily for 13 Democratic States candidates for battleground states.

The fundraising information for Republican and right-leaning and their efforts were not available immediately. Efforts to regain Senate and funding to fight for court nominee Liberals have planned to launch a campaign vigorously and block any other nominee from Trump and his plans to replace Ginsburg. She was one of the liberal justices in court. Without delay, Trump already called Republicans on Saturday to move on with a replacement. Now, the Democrats are hoping for activism on the left so that it helps their efforts in the upcoming election in November. They wish to take control of the Senate, where they can see most Republicans of 53-47. Democrats are hoping to unseat McConnell, and they love nothing more than that. McConnell will face reelection from a former Marine fighter pilot McGrath. The same seat is not a most likely Republican-held seat, and they have no hopes for a flip.

The former press secretary for President Bill Clinton, Joe Lockhart, called Democrats to make donations towards the McGrath campaign. He said, “If you want to send a political message tonight, you should let out your credit cards tonight and start contributing to Amy McGrath.” Across social media, many other Democrats echoed the same sentiment. A Princeton University history professor Kevin Kruse is an outspoken liberal, and he was pointing to McConnell’s poll lead. The reason was A Quinnipiac University poll in the current week found that McConnell was ahead with 53% to 41%, among Kentucky’s likely voters. Kruse said, “Mitch McConnell is definitely up for reelection now, but meantime, he holds a double-digit lead even though Amy McGrath bringing a ton of money. If you have plans to beat him, instead of denying focuses him a majority in the Senate. You can Donate to @dscc,” he referred to the Senate Democrats as a whole.

Even though nowhere he took McGrath’s name, Sen. Brian Schatz, D-Hawaii, urged every Democrat in tweeting to bring to the ‘Get Mitch or Die Trying.’ He said, “Give here. Do not focus on your favorite candidate or the candidate whom you have heard of. Try to give it here. The money donated here goes towards most competitive races and not just for the most famous candidates.” The McGrathcampaign never responded to an email asking how much it has raised after Ginsburg’s death. The campaign by McConnell was not ready to offer fundraising figures immediately. Ginsburg has fueled and inspired fundraising activity. Ginsburg’s death announcement has inspired many to donate funds. It has inspired the entire fundraising activity, and it is now influencing fundraising on the political right.

Susan B. Anthony List and National Right to Life, the anti-abortion groups, did not respond to emails. The emails were seeking fundraising figures. There were efforts to reach the ActBlue equivalent, Winsted, for Republican candidates, which were unsuccessful. The WinRed do not have a fundraising figure ready, and that has not been posted on its website. The Senate Leadership Fund, the Republican National Committee, Trump’s campaign, is a super PAC is raising money for Republican candidates. But, even here, the number was not immediately reached. ActBlue, a donation processing site, always backs-up liberals. It is now helping Democratic candidates for the upcoming November election. The organizations and its committees raised more than $95 million in the last few days. The donation fueled up after Ginsburg’s death announcement, and the process was geared up until Sunday morning. Donations can be seen on the ActBlue’s website since there is a live tracker. It shows a number, and that also tallies with the fundraising number shown by Democratic in real-time. Erin Hill from ActBlue, Executive Director, says, “When there was Ginsburg’s death announcement, we felt it was a devastating loss, but it became an inspiration and people took action. They started donating towards the cause, and they showed up honor to her legacy.” Now, we all can see that it is a record-breaking donation. It has shown people’s eagerness towards fulfilling Ginsburg’s legacy.

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