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San Francisco To Let People Who Received The Johnson & Johnson’s Single-Dose Vaccine To Get A Complimentary Dose Of An MRNA Vaccine

People who have received Johnson & Johnson’s single-dose COVID 19 vaccine may be able to get a complimentary dose of an mRNA vaccine in San Francisco, say its health officials. The city’s Department of Public Health has decided to accommodate those who have permission from their doctors in the matter, they say. This is neither a recommendation nor a change of policy. It is just accommodation. The Department has received such requests from patients communicating them to their doctors, the Department said during a press briefing. That is the only reason it is facilitating such an accommodation.

The Johnson & Johnson’s Single-Dose Vaccine To Get A Complimentary Dose Of An MRNA Vaccine

The FDA, however, does not recommend people taking matters into their own hands with regard to a booster shot. There are reports of certain sections of people and some jurisdictions taking matters into their own hands. Authorities remind us that all three vaccines available at present have only emergency use authorization. And this is something you should not do at any cost with them. 

San Francisco To Let People Who Received The Johnson & Johnson’s Single-Dose Vaccine To Get A Complimentary Dose Of An MRNA Vaccine

At present, neither FDA nor CDC recommends a booster dose. As per the data available, it is not necessary for the time being.

The Department of Public Health, San Francisco stresses that it completely agrees with CDC’s recommendations in the matter. The J&J vaccine is not an exception here. Even then, those who want a booster shot for the J&J vaccine may avail it from Zuckerberg San Francisco General.

With the Delta-variant-caused surge in the country, there is contradicting information available about the effectiveness of the J&J vaccine. The company, however, says that its vaccine protects its recipients at least for eight months. And it is effective against the current Delta variant.

There are also studies that suggest a booster MRNA dose to supplement J&J’s single-dose vaccine.

Information of those who opt for the supplementary dose will be recorded in the same way as another instance of vaccination. Patients too will be followed in the same manner.

Every vaccination site will have the freedom to decide on how to accommodate requests for the supplementary dose.

mRNA vaccines manufactured by Pfizer and Moderna require two doses to consider their beneficiaries fully vaccinated.

In the meantime, global health agencies like WHO appeal to countries to stop campaigning for a booster dose. The world has to stop the current Delta variant at any cost. And it has to ensure that every single person is fully vaccinated.

Calls for a booster shot should stop, at least until September. Such calls will widen the gap of vaccination between rich and poor nations.

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In a strongly-worded statement, the agency said that it can understand the eagerness of governments to protect their citizens. But it cannot accept a situation where countries that used 50% of the global supply of vaccination taking more.

In the month of May alone, richer nations administered 50 doses of vaccines for every 100 people there. And the number has now doubled, the agency said. Poorer nations, on the other hand, could only administer 1.5 doses for every 100 people due to vaccine shortage. The trend has to be reversed, the agency stated. The majority of the supply of vaccines should be directed to low-income countries.

Certain countries are calling for a booster dose in the backdrop of the Delta variant. But even scientists offer differing views on the matter. According to one expert, vaccinating an averagely healthy adult with a booster shot is a short-sighted strategy.

The virus still has the power to mutate. It implies that new variants may emerge at any time. If we leave the majority of the world unvaccinated, it will have to continue creating newer vaccines.

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