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In San Francisco, Vaccine Recipients May Receive Supplemental MRNA Vaccines

A supplemental mRNA vaccine dose will be offered to Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccination recipients in San Francisco, according to the city’s health department.

On Tuesday, the Department of Public Health of San Francisco made an “accommodation” for those who had consulted with an authorized physician. The officials said their recommendation does not represent a change in policy. In a news conference, Dr. Naveena Bobba, deputy director of health for the department, said that they are not recommending it and they are accommodating requests. In response to their physician’s request, the patients have a request for accommodation, which is why we are accommodating them. The Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital will offer the medication.

In San Francisco, Vaccine Recipients May Receive Supplemental MRNA Vaccines

If you are vaccinated with the J&J vaccine, you are required to use the system because taking an additional dose at a pharmacy or vaccine clinic violates official guidance. As soon as a vaccine is approved by the FDA, this may change. It could then be prescribed off-label by a doctor. However, people continue to find ways around the guidelines for now. Researchers at New York University found some evidence that people who received the J&J vaccine might benefit from receiving another dose. After the Delta variant spread, people began asking about another dose, CNN spoke to health experts.

In San Francisco, Vaccine Recipients May Receive Supplemental MRNA Vaccines

Preprints are not reviewed by peers, so this study did not receive a thorough peer review. It was carried out using volunteers who had previously received the vaccine as a control, so it could not represent real-world conditions, but it revealed some variants, including the Delta variant, may evade the immunity provided by a single dose of the vaccine. J&J published an earlier study in the New England Journal of Medicine showing that the vaccine provided at least eight months of protection against the Delta variant when given a single shot.

Using the CDC’s recommendation, the city’s health department does not recommend booster shots for anyone, including J&J vaccine recipients, said Bobba. Among cases of Covid-19 linked to the Delta Coronavirus, there are conflicting reports about how effective J&J’s vaccine is against the strain. In addition to the J&J shot, some patients are adding an mRNA vaccine from Pfizer/BioNTech or Moderna to boost immunity.

A company statement in early July stated that its vaccine appears adequate in protecting against the dangerous Delta variant, delivering immunity that lasts for at least eight months. In a test-tube study conducted later in the month, but which wasn’t peer-reviewed, it was suggested that people who received the single vaccine might benefit from a booster dose. According to the study, full vaccination with an mRNA vaccine has strong as well as broad benefits for people.

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According to the company, one dose of the vaccine produces both long-lasting antibodies and a lasting T-cell response that lasts for eight months. It is hoped, however, that J&J, in partnership with the US National Institute of Health, will be able to demonstrate better protection from its vaccine by administering two doses. Vaccinations for Covid-19 will be recorded exactly the same way as Covid-19 vaccinations.

Bobba said, “These doses will be entered into the system, just as other vaccine doses have been.” Patients who have received these vaccines will be followed, just as others (who) have received vaccinations across the country have been tracked at all times. There will be a variety of options for accommodation at vaccine sites, but Bobba stressed that “when they come in, the expectation is that there has been a discussion with a health care provider.” Two doses of Pfizer/BioNTech’s and Moderna’s mRNA vaccines are required to fully immunize.

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