Santa Fe South Becomes First To Impose Mask Mandates; Canada To Issue Vaccination Certificates

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : August 13, 2021

Many districts of the US have shut down schools and isolated hundreds of students after exposure to COVID-19. On Wednesday, the 1,100-student constituting Macon County announced banning in-person studies. It became the 4th county to do so after Glascock, Taliaferro, and Talbot counties. These four districts together constitute 1% of the total 1.7 million Georgia students.

The Superintendent Jack Catrett of Talbot County told WTVM-TV, that the difference now was that this outbreak is centered on kids rather than adults and it scares him to death. Despite local school leaders urging on conducting in-person classes, it is becoming impossible considering the extreme coronavirus surge in the broader society of Georgia.

Santa Fe South Becomes First To Impose Mask Mandates; Canada To Issue Vaccination Certificates

Gov Greg Abbott had banned mask mandates, which was defied again by a Texas school as they announced that every student is required to mask up. Another county made a legal victory in its attempt to impose mask mandates between COVID-19 concerns of high hospitalizations and deaths.

The Spring’s Houston suburb recently announced mandatory masks for its teachers, staff members, and students. School districts in Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, and San Antonio have also mandated masks. The school district of Houston, the largest in the state’s superintendent, has asked the school board to mandate masks during a meeting on Thursday.

Santa Fe South Becomes First to Impose Mask Mandates; Canada To Issue Vaccination Certificates

These mandates are against Abbott’s executive orders imposing a ban on mandating any preventive measures, by any local, county, or state governments.

Clay Jenkins, the Dallas County Judge, has on Wednesday executed an order requiring masks inside county buildings, schools, and businesses. The state district court has temporarily restrained the order of Abbott banning masks mandates, which allowed Jenkins to impose the mandates. This also allowed officials of Bexar County and San Antonio to impose mask mandates in public schools.

The officials of Fort County situated at Houston’s Southwest will soon be filing a lawsuit asking to override the mask mandate ban by Abbott. A spokeswoman for Abbott, Renae Eze said that trying to overrule and violate the governor’s orders is not the ideal way to follow.

The immigration minister of Canada announced recently that the Canadians who are fully vaccinated will get a government-issued document, proving their vaccination history, allowing them to travel internationally. This document is expected to issue till fall and will be a digital one. An option would be provided for those who do not want a digital certificate.

Marco Mendicino, the Immigration Minister, said that this document will constitute the data regarding the vaccine’s type, the date, and the location of the vaccine’s receipt. Dominic LeBlanc, the Intergovernmental Affairs Minister, said that this will need cooperation and help from territories and provinces as they have the required data.

Quebec will soon introduce a passport that will need the people who wish to attend a gymnasium, public events, and restaurants or bars to carry with them.

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Defying any laws that ban mask mandates, the school of Oklahoma’s superintendent announced that the students and staff members should start masking up soon.

Santa Fe South Schools’ Superintendent Chris Brewster said that they’re exploring the possibility of requiring employees to be vaccinated. The schools consist of 3,500 students of classes pre-K through 12 Oklahoma’s south.

Kevin Stitt, Oklahoma’s Gov, has signed executive law at the beginning of the year banning technology centers, schools, and colleges from mandating masks or vaccinations unless it’s a state emergency. The emergency declaration ended in May. Public Instruction’s State Superintendent, Joy Hofmeister, said that she is planning to meet Stitt about reinstating the state emergency. Stitt is yet to comment on the matter.

While several districts are yet in the planning stage, Santa Fe South is the first to mandate masks.

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