Observing Precautions Failed To Save Doctor And His Family From Corona

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : February 21, 2022

The recent records state that despite observing all the measures, corona entered the house of a renowned doctor of the USA. Moreover, his whole family is infected by this infectious virus. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy expressed his astonishment by stating that the family maintained all the safeguards.

Observing Precautions Failed To Save Doctor And His Family From Corona

However, it is regrettable, being vaccinated also, they did not get relief from the attack of coronavirus. Murthy regularly participates in briefing the task force of the White House COVID segment. He announced mild symptoms of him along with his wife. Dr. Alice Chen, a political activist and a doctor by profession, is his beloved wife also.

Observing Precautions Failed To Save Doctor And His Family From Corona

The renowned surgeon of the US mentioned the current status of him and his family through Tweeter on Friday. In his opinion, if you were not negligent about taking the suitable precautions even and still down with COVID, it is truly heart-breaking. However, there is no way that you can stop the inevitable. The doctor also added that the feeling is very known to him. “It may be embarrassing for you as, before this, you were advising others to take the safeguards. But, suddenly everything seems so meaningless.”

The symptoms that the doctor mentioned are not the same for both of them. On the one hand, he is suffering from sore throat, muscle pains, and chills, while on the other, his wife is subjected to fatigue. Along with that, Dr. Alice has an unbearable headache also.

According to him, many people may think that COVID-19 attacked you due to your carelessness. But you know the truth. In this respect, it is essential to understand that precautionary measures can reduce the risks to a high extent. However, it cannot be claimed that the risks are all eliminated. It can never happen.

He also wrote that, fortunately, none of them have any breathing issues. The eminent physician added that their kids are coping with this distressful situation. The whole family, including the 5-year-old son, has undergone vaccination. Moreover, they took the booster shots too. However, the little 4-year old girl is not eligible till now to get any of the jabs.

As the number of infected people in America got down with a considerable decline in hospitalizations, the doctors also got some relief. Dr. Murthy’s family members thus pointed out that the current situation is not entirely devoid of any risks. The germs are still there, and people must not make misleading decisions.

The situation is quite disturbing as all the members are down with the virus. Things started with the daughter’s fever, the youngest member of the family. The doctor thanked God, stating that the little one still seemed cheerful with a big smile on her face. But there is congestion still.

The condition of the young boy is not very serious. He is generally behaving with no usual food habits. The only thing that he is suffering from is a running nose. Murthy clearly stated how important it is to stay vaccinated and boosted to avoid the crisis in the post. The unvaccinated population is subject to more risks, and even coronavirus can be fatal for them.

With the doctor’s family affected by COVID-19, the efficiency of the omicron variant is again a proven fact. As per the Government’s officials, vaccination is the best way to safeguard against hospitalizations. The resistance power to deal with the potent virus is much more if you get the boosters on time.

Murthy expressed his consolation for the public and encouraged them to be tension-free even if they were caught with COVID. He said, “We are providing the best efforts to avoid the risks of the corona. However, if things are not in our favor, there is nothing to mourn about. It will not be right to judge anybody and say that the person is careless just because he got COVID-19. Circumstances can be different which we fail to realize. We just have to keep on fighting for a better state”.

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