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School Is Unsafe For Children Due To Covid-19

With the introduction of Covid-19 vaccines, after almost two years many schools believe that it is the right time to open up classrooms for on-ground learning. Schools have been operating via online classes in order to continue to impart education to their students during the pandemic.

This virtual education learning model has prevented many students from getting their much-needed social interaction. Most parents and children welcome this change of schooling type to alleviate the mental and physical strain that has arisen among children.

School Is Unsafe For Children Due To Covid-19

However, the only drawback in re-opening schools for on-ground learning is the fact that many states have issued a statewide ban on mask mandates. This prevents schools from enforcing the rule that all students and faculty wear masks while on campus.

School Is Unsafe For Children Due To Covid-19

While many parents have been against the ban on mask mandates, schools have opened regardless of parent’s concerns. Parents feel that sending their children to school without the guarantee that everyone will wear masks puts their children at risk of contracting the Coronavirus.

Children 12 years and older can take the Covid-19 vaccine giving them that extra form of protection from the virus but such a solution is not possible for younger children. Most children especially those younger than 12 years are ineligible to take the Covid-19 vaccines. The only other form of protection for these children is wearing a mask. However, in order for masks to be an effective form of protection, everyone must wear masks and not just a select few.

Parents of students attending a Catholic school in Marin County, California recently found out about a seating chart that showcased the students who were infected with the Coronavirus. The exposure and subsequent infection occurred when the teacher who had Covid-19 removed her mask. This act resulted in half the class testing positive for the virus. Parents have been advocating against the ban on mask mandates and this incident seems to be the final straw that broke the camel’s back.

A parent whose real name and identity were kept confidential was referred to as Nathan by news networks. His young child was present in this particular classroom where the incident took place but was uninfected as the child was seated at the back of the classroom. Nathan states that seeing the seating chart and noting all those who were infected highlights the reality of the situation.

Out of 24 students, 12 students were found to be symptomatic or tested positive for the virus. Parents have been kept in the dark since May when it first got out that a teacher had contracted Covid-19 and some of her students had been infected. The health department of Marin County conducted an in-depth investigation into the incident and found that despite precautions the virus spread from the teacher to her students and consequently to the student’s family members.

The situation was even brought before public scrutiny by the United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention who mentioned details about the incident in its report the previous week. The report brought to light that eight out of the ten students who were seated at the front of the class had been infected with the Coronavirus when the teacher removed her mask to read to the class.

Parents such as Nathan have expressed their shock and concern that the teacher was allowed to come to school while displaying symptoms of the virus. Reports state that the teacher thought her symptoms were an allergic reaction but turned out to be related to the virus. Moreover, Nathan whose son was present in the class at the time expressed his shock that the teacher even took off her mask despite knowing the crucial situation.

Teachers were made a priority for vaccinations among the residents of California and the school where the incident took place has strict rules in practice to prevent the spread of the virus. California made plans to ensure that teachers and related school staff would receive the vaccine and be tested regularly from the middle of October.

The school even employs rigid protocols asking parents to attest that their children are not displaying symptoms of the virus and if they are symptomatic for Covid-19, parents should keep the children at home. Despite all these protocols and procedures in place, if people are still contracting the virus the situation is indeed dire.

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