The Schoolchildren Of New York City Eat Their Lunch Outside

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : November 27, 2021

Despite the upcoming winter months, many New York City kids continue to dine outside their schools to maintain social distance from their peers and professors. It’s becoming absurd, according to one mother at MS 104 in Manhattan at this time. They’ve dined outside on the terrace every day this week. Outside, it’s rather chilly.

The Schoolchildren Of New York City Eat Their Lunch Outside

Over the course of the week, temperatures in New York City ranged from a high of 56 degrees to a low of 30 degrees. This year, the Department of Education granted principals the authority to make their own lunch arrangements to meet social distance criteria.

The Schoolchildren Of New York City Eat Their Lunch Outside

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, students and professors should keep a distance of at least 6 feet from each other. Public school students in New York City will not all be able to eat their meals outdoors on the playground this autumn. In contrast, parents of children who attend schools that allow them to bring their lunches outdoors are vocal in their displeasure.

The mother of a fourth-grader in Brooklyn who ate outdoors this week said it was difficult for her child to eat outside while sitting on concrete and wearing a mask in the middle of the city. To be pleasant, what temperature must the air outdoors be? The depth to which it can be submerged is unknown.

As far as they know, there are no plans to bring them into Park Slope, Brooklyn, in the near future. On the other hand, the school continues to urge parents to bring in their Fresh Direct bags so that they might be used to make classroom seats. It seems that they have no intention of entering the premises.

For health and safety reasons, teachers and administrators are not allowed to dine out. According to one parent, it isn’t easy since there isn’t a set time limit on when kids may access the facility. Regardless of what the principal decides, it is finalized and recognized as such. If we had to be out here during the middle of February, we’d like to avoid it.

However, according to the Department of Education statement, students are authorized to eat in class, but parents were unaware of this provision. According to the statement, Park Slope’s parents say they were not informed of this prior to the event. She’s never heard of anybody else doing it, either.

Media reports claim that youngsters have also been permitted to have their lunch inside when the weather is bad outdoors. According to the Washington Post, the Department of Education (DOE) will remind school officials of its policy, which states that students may dine in their classrooms if they are asked to do so.

According to a Department of Education official, schools and students have the option of having their meals indoors, even in adverse weather circumstances such as rain, extreme heat, or cold and strong winds. For those times when it is necessary to provide lunch in many forms and places, we are lucky to have employees in our food service department who are capable of doing so swiftly.

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