Scientists Find Ultrarare Blood Group System!

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : October 6, 2022

There might be a few of the blood groups with which a person can be conversant but what becomes important to mention is the availability of many hidden forms of the blood groups which exist and hence play an essential role in easier detection. There are many different types of blood groups that are yet to be explored, and at the same time, there is a need to understand the system to which each of them belongs. 

There has been a recent incident where a blood group apart from A, B, AB and O has been discovered. This new system of blood groups is the Er grouping. This is the rarest of the rare types of blood group, discovered in a baby who was admitted to a hospital in California. This type of realization has opened new research windows about the combination and availability of the blood group. This blood group system is rare and has not been discovered since. 

The Tale Of Discovery

The storyline through which this blood group was finally discovered must be mentioned at the end of the day. A baby was admitted to the hospital, and when his mother’s blood was injected into him, his body started reacting as if he could not accept the blood. Then the doctors changed the blood from their mother’s to their father’s, only to find the same results wherein his body was deteriorating with time. 

Scientists Find Ultrarare Blood Group System

One of the medical lab researchers decided to conduct further tests, and finally, with the help of these tests, a new synchronization of blood cells was discovered inside the body. This was all about the Er grouping, which does not belong to the ABO group but is a new kind of addition to the family. 

The new addition to the family is linked with a new combination of proteins and other sugars present inside the blood in different proportions. This combination of sugars and proteins is defined in a new ratio to bring new properties inside the blood. This is extremely useful in identifying the new blood type, which has only been discovered so far in 0.2 percent of the population worldwide. The availability of different types of antigens inside the blood led to the rejection of the blood type inside the infant’s body, who could not accept any other form of blood group. 

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The appearance of antibodies:  a factor

A recent study has confirmed that there are primarily only 4 types of blood groups, and it is the evolution of antibodies and antigens inside the blood that bring to face new and additional variants of the blood groups. 

This is considered mapping the entire mechanism so that a better and more efficient structure can be prepared. The varieties of antibodies inside the body can decide the type of blood group in which the evolution would occur. This er grouping is nothing but an evolution of the AB group. It is evident from the similar proportion of proteins and sugars without any major differences. This is only with the help of this mechanism that the rarest of the rare forms can be decoded. 


At this point, the ability to decode the various types of proteins and antigens inside the body needs to be understood. This will bring a better result over time, and hence this would be considered the biggest aid during research which needs proper analysis with respect to the past as well.


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