Scott Gottlieb Believes Booster Dose Is Necessary As The Delta Variant Tears Through The Immunity Of People

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : August 4, 2021

Dr. Scott Gottlieb, a physician, a medical policy expert, and the former commissioner of the Food and Drugs administration during President Trump’s rule, said on Monday that he believes that booster doses for COVID-19 vaccines will have to start for older people of the US, and also to those with compromised immune systems. 

Gottlieb, who is also a board member of Pfizer said that he guesses that by September or October, booster doses will start for older and immunocompromised individuals. Referring to successful plans of several countries to give its population a booster vaccine dose, he said that the US is on a slower path.

He said that it is unfortunate, as he believes that boosters are needed, at least to the older people who took the vaccine last December or January. He said those people are more prone to catching the virus. He added it was quite concerning as those infections would eventually break into even lethal diseases.

Scott Gottlieb Believes Booster Dose Is Necessary As The Delta Variant Tears Through The Immunity Of People

Gottlieb believes that the booster would be nothing else than the third dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. He said that the availability of boosters will Barr any variant that makes the vaccine ineffective against it. There are enough vaccines purchased by the US government to give booster doses to the entire American population.

Scott Gottlieb Believes Booster Dose Is Necessary As The Delta Variant Tears Through The Immunity Of People

For all those who believe that giving booster shots will take away vaccines from other countries, he said that it would not as those vaccine doses are already purchased and stockpiled. They will exist and would render useless unless the US government uses them. He added that the government is going to keep the vaccines for the matter of national security.

Ahead of schools reopening, debates about the requirement of booster doses have been circulating. Out of three government-authorized vaccines in the US, Pfizer and Moderna were given emergency authorization in December by the FDA. Both of the companies have asked for complete authorization. Johnson and Johnson were given emergency approval in February and have not applied for full authorization yet.

A total of 165 million of the US population is fully vaccinated, which makes it almost half of 50% of the total population, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Many Americans are mixing and matching the vaccines of various companies for building even higher immunity.

Fueled by the most contagious delta variant, the country continues to suffer from the pandemic in yet another year. Gottlieb says that the US is much further in the pandemic than what’s officially being calculated. He said he wouldn’t be surprised if a million more Americans were being infected daily than measured by the officials right now. On Monday, he said that Florida is the epicenter of the pandemic.

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He said that the South of America will rise out of this situation in a couple of weeks, but the North will see the cases rising up. As the Northern states have a higher vaccination rate than Southern America, it is not likely to get hit as badly as the South. He further warned Northern states that they will experience delta wave infection in the fall.

He said it’s going to complicate things as the wave is going to coincide with the school reopening. He said that as the country is big, the waves will hit different states at different times. He said that the gap between two vaccine doses may provide a durable response against the lethal virus. He added that the country may need to optimize how it delivers the first two shots, as we have the luxury of time when we are not experiencing an epidemic.

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