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Season 2 Finale Of ‘The Equalizer’, Queen Latifah Gets Too Close To Fire!

Season 2 Finale Of 'The Equalizer', Queen Latifah Gets Too Close To Fire

It would be foolish, stupid, and incorrect to assume that Robyn McCall, who plays “Queen Latifah,” would use the death of Bishop (Chris Noth) as a ploy to avoid a confrontation with Mason Quinn’s killer (Chris Vance). It’s difficult to get rid of Robyn McCall, who plays Queen Latifah, because she’s so well-known for her appearances in the CIA and because everyone knows Mel and Harry would always have her back.


‘The Equalizer’ Queen Latifah Gets Too Close To The Flames In The Season 2 Finale!!

The Equalizer’s Robyn McCall (Laya DeLeon Hayes) daughter Delilah (Laya DeLeon Hayes) has been seen burning the candle at both ends in numerous episodes of the CBS series in an attempt to track down Quinn’s location and settle a vengeance porn matter after pictures of her best friend were spread like wildfire in the school.

Season 2 Finale Of 'The Equalizer', Queen Latifah Gets Too Close To Fire

Delilah, the daughter of Queen Latifah of The Equalizer, who is once again skeptical of her mother’s safety, finally meets Robyn’s Melody and Harry’s super-secret coworkers (Adam Goldberg). When it comes to tech support, who better to turn to than Harry?

Vera (Cristina Angelica), Robyn’s daughter’s best friend, attempted suicide in an attempt to escape the anguish, but Delilah appeared in the nick of time to save her life. However, not only is Vera safe, but Harry also managed to delete any traces of Vera’s photos from the internet. While his classmates who witnessed the incident took photos and videos of it, Vera’s sleazy ex was arrested and charged with leaking the images.

It was a huge success for everyone involved, so tragedy was inevitable. On their way back from power celebrations with Robyn and Delilah and Aunt Vi Lorraine Toussant, an SUV plowed into their car making. Robyn was explaining to the two that she was concerned about a potentially devastating case when the accident occurred.

Robyn was ready to notify Aunt Vi and Delilah about the situation and was taking her away from them when the car black SUV T-boned into the side of Robyn’s car. Suddenly, a couple of men grab Robyn from the rubble and toss her into an SUV while putting a cowl over her head.

The stakes are too high for Robyn since she got too close to Quinn, who is working on a filthy bomb.

For the time being, the murder of Bishop will remain a mystery with no conclusive evidence, while the future of the planet remains uncertain until the end of the season.

Robyn’s life is now in jeopardy, and Delilah may be too terrified to take on the quality battle. As fate would have it, Seasons 3 and 4 of The Equalizer have been ordered, so we can all look forward to seeing if Robyn manages to save herself or needs to be rescued.

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