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Second Dose Of COVID Vaccine Will Clash With Booster Shots – Young People At Risk

Health officials have stated it is a dire emergency to track and ensure that young adults are vaccinated. The efforts need to increase in this direction. Vaccines are needed to protect against long covid which is increasing rapidly. Long covid is a serious issue associated with the pandemic

The current trend of low vaccination among 18 to 25-year-olds is not a good sign. If the government doesn’t speed up the vaccination this could coincide with other groups getting ready for booster shots.

Currently, less than 60 percent of young adults are administered the first dose of vaccine. They have to wait a minimum of eight weeks to be eligible for a second dose of vaccination. By this time older folks will be eligible for booster shots of vaccine.

Second Dose Of COVID Vaccine Will Clash With Booster Shots – Young People At Risk

Doug Brown who is the current chief executive of the British Society for Immunology says the issue of vaccination among young adults is a great concern. There is a need for a higher uptake of vaccines in the age range of 18 to 25 to boost up immunity.

Doctor Rochelle Walensky says that we believe that out of almost 60,000 deaths only a small number is young adults, but even if it’s a small number we as citizens should never let youth die for respiratory reasons caused by COVID.

The government needs to put in extra efforts to engage young adults to get vaccinated. Using social media to reach young adults can be one of the effective ways to reach young adults as they are hooked to social media. The government has pledged that in September it wants not a single adult in the age range of 12 to 15 years to go unvaccinated.

Second Dose Of COVID Vaccine Will Clash With Booster Shots – Young People At Risk

Looking at the current trend of vaccination Chris Hopson, executive chief of NHS says vaccinating under 30 folks will take a long period than expected. They are yet to receive the first dose still, to be fully vaccinated is a long wait. As this process gets slower the possibility of a clash of vaccination campaigns increases. NHS will have to face the challenge of providing five different doses of vaccination at the same time period. This will be a chaotic and complex situation. Booster shots campaign is a must because vulnerable people may tend to lose immunity over time. Professor Anthony Harnden who works as deputy chair of Vaccination and Immunisation is of the opinion that older folks are at risk and they have taken the vaccination a long time ago. As now new delta variants are spreading this booster shot will be necessary.

Another major concern is that antibody levels are said to decline in months after the second dose of vaccination. This may be a loss of vaccination effectiveness. Memory B –cells and T-cells may be working effectively. Professor Eleanor Riley at Edinburgh University said that in history no booster shots were administered for any vaccine. As the virus circulated our immunity boosted. But in this pandemic, we don’t have enough data to know if that’s happening. This booster shot reach would be expensive and needs a lot of time. Though it looks like a lengthy and cumbersome process it is better to go with booster shots than risking lives.

Immune Compromised may need Booster shots

In the latest interview, Doctor Anthony Fauci said Transplant patients, patients undergoing chemotherapy or prone to autoimmune disorders will definitely need a booster shot. Globally health officials and experts are studying available data and tracking everything to decide if a booster shot is needed. If needed when it should be administered.

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