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Several Health Workers Reject Vaccine In California

In a surprising development, several health workers in California are rejecting the vaccines. Los Angeles County is one of the most affected regions in the country, and it has recorded a huge number of cases in the last few weeks.

Even in this situation, close to half of the hospital workers who were offered coronavirus vaccines in Riverside County have rejected the vaccine.

Riverside County, which has a population of 2.5 million, has nearly 200,000 coronavirus cases. This is presenting a scary picture, and health authorities are worried that the numbers are not likely to slow down in the near future.

Several Health Workers Reject Vaccine In California

It is surprising to see the reaction of health workers in this situation as they are not willing to take the vaccine even after it has not shown any serious side effects across the country.

Some of the health workers said that they want to wait for some more time to see how things would go in the near future before taking the vaccines. Others did not give any reason for not taking the vaccine.

Los Angeles County officials have asked residents to wear masks whenever they move out of the home. The region has close to 1 million cases and authorities are taking strict actions with regards to imposing the mask mandate in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

The situation is so bad that several hospitals have exhausted their ICU beds and most patients who are in critical condition are not able to get proper treatment.

The health department had even asked paramedics to not bring patients to hospitals who have less chances of Survival as the hospitals do not have ICU beds.

Several ambulance drivers had indicated that the wait time to get patients inside the hospital is very long, and they had to spend hours outside the hospital on many occasions.

Due to a shortage of ambulances to attend emergency cases, the local authorities had urged residents to avoid using 911 unless it was an emergency situation.

While most of the regions in California remain under tight restrictions, the state has eased stay-at-home order for nearly 13 Northern counties that have reported less numbers with regards to hospitalizations in recent weeks.

Authorities in California have said that they are experiencing the most intense Surge of the coronavirus in recent weeks.

In this situation, it is surprising to see that health workers who have complete knowledge about the safety and efficiency of covid-19 vaccines are not willing to take it.

As of now, there are no regulations to impose vaccinations on health workers or any other essential workers across the country.

Every person has a choice when it comes to choosing the vaccine, and they can reject taking the vaccines if they are not convinced about the safety or efficiency of the vaccine.

In this regard, the authorities feel that the vaccination program could get compromised if there are vulnerable people left in the chain.

To avoid such loopholes in the long run, a regulation may be issued in the near future to vaccinate all the workers in hospitals and other important facilities that treat patients.

In the same manner, companies may be given the power to impose vaccine mandates on employees in the near future.

This will help the employer to provide a safe environment for all the employees, and it will also help them to serve the customers in a safe and efficient manner in the future.

Even though there are some legal restrictions in this regard at the moment, it may soon be resolved, and health authorities may provide some clarification in the next few months.

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