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Shortfall In Production Of Thai AstraZeneca Vaccine Target

The governments of different countries have announced that AstraZeneca Vaccine is falling short due to a delay in the production process. Their target is to manufacture around 61 million vaccine doses by May. Now its July and due to delay in production, the factory is under lots of pressure to achieve its target.

Shortfall In Production Of Thai AstraZeneca Vaccine Target

This delay and shortfall might influence more than 70% of countries and around 69 million individuals this year. Also, Thailand is battling with Covid-19 as cases and death rate is increasing day-by-day. Currently, the Delta virus is spreading in many countries including his country so it has become a tough task for them to manufacture the planned doses to fight coronavirus. Thailand is recording a high number of cases daily with an increase in death rate as well.

Shortfall In Production Of Thai AstraZeneca Vaccine Target

Sathit Pitutacha, the deputy health minister said that as we have got an extension for the production till May still, we will be doing our best to manufacture and supply the AstraZeneca Vaccine as soon as possible. We are in the process to increase the capacity of production so that we can provide a large number of doses with a flexible timeframe.

He also added that the current manufacturing capacity of the AstraZeneca factory is around 15 million per month and also AstraZeneca has promised to give 40% of the vaccine doses to Thailand. It has also mentioned that the production process might increase in the coming future.

The government announced in one interview that initially the capacity to provide AstraZeneca vaccine was only 6 million doses per month till June but they increase it to 10 million in July. They are planning to produce 10 million doses till November and in the last month of 2021, they will produce 5 million doses. 61 million doses for this year in completed according to their plan.

Siam Bioscience, a company that is owned by the government of Thailand was awarded a license to produce the vaccine by AstraZeneca. They are supplying other countries as well despite not having any experience in the field of vaccines.

Prime Minister has been criticizing for the shortfall and failing to achieve the target of vaccine as compared to other countries where the AstraZeneca vaccine is in the production process. Now, as the vaccine is not available and cases are rising with each passing day, they are planning to agree with Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer to buy the doses. The country has a shortfall to provide vaccines to their citizens so they might increase the limit to produce the vaccine from next month.

India is producing the largest number of vaccine doses in the world has banned the exports of the vaccine due to a sudden increase the cases and outbreak this year.  As per the figures from WHO the vaccines have not reached many small counties yet and that has to be taken seriously by the nations that receive more vaccines these days.

This imbalance of distribution may trouble the overall fight against the virus. The mutation in the same is again big trouble that has led to restricted production by companies as per some of the known sources in the pharma industry which is a major concern.

This slow process of vaccine supply issues is threatening the government to start manufacturing with a more effective plan. Due to this shortfall and rise in cases, the country has also banned the entry of tourists and due to this, their economy might face problems. Tourism is a key industry in Thailand so they are focusing on this sector.

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