Singapore Minister Says The World Must Prepare For The Next Pandemic

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : July 14, 2021

The next pandemic may visit once again s per Singapore’s Tharman states. Next, the global pandemic is assumed to occur anytime, and all of us, the world, must begin preparing for it right now, as per Singapore’s Senior Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam. He also mentions that nobody has the luxury of waiting for the next pandemic and thinking of a solution then, as the next pandemic could be on its way, Tharman says in a summit in Italy. Hence, Tharman added that we have to use our current and immediate efforts to tackle Covid-19 and use this time to build up the necessities required to clear off the next pandemic.  

Singapore Minister Says The World Must Prepare For The Next Pandemic

The global pandemic was declared by the World Health Organization in march last year, 2020. First detected in China, coronavirus has unfortunately been successful in infecting more than 186 million individuals and caused about 4 million deaths worldwide, as per the data compiled by John Hopkins University. 

Singapore Minister Says The World Must Prepare For The Next Pandemic

Globally, we have seen havoc being created by this one virus, causing many deaths, hospitalizations, all age groups, contagious, and we have witnessed what it is like to live in a global pandemic, quiet roads, no businesses, no money, no work, for most, no shelter no food, etc. Nobody can and should wait for anything more to happen. Hospitals must redesign their ways to managing the pandemic where vaccination rates grow higher, and everybody must instantly get their jabs. 

AG-20 panel of global experts released a report introducing measures to avoid outbreaks and a quick response to any future pandemic on Friday. Singapore’s Minister, Tharman, co-chairs the panel along with the Former US Treasury Secretary, Larry Summers, and the World Trade Organization’s Director-General, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala.

These measures proposed this Friday consider better and much more reliable funding to give the World Health Organization and tapping into multilateral institutions like the World Bank and International Monetary Fund, which, in turn, would help the funding of the fight against a global pandemic.

The G20 panel is only here to help be organized, systematic, and sustainable, which shall, in turn, reduce or almost avoid the world’s vulnerability to any future pandemics. This is a matter of urgency that must be taken full care of before anything hits the world once again. 

The current international system to respond to a global pandemic, Tharman, Singapore’s Minister, added, is fragmented and under-funded. The panel is planning on proposing to set up a new global fund with a minimum of $10 billion a year to fill that gap. 

The World Health Organization, which does not have a system that pulls in finance together with health and we have got the world governance that comes under the World Health Assembly, is lacking today in the global system, as per Tharman is why the system is under-funded. After the event follows the reaction, after a crisis has seen broken out,  and is not able to proactively head off future crises. 

Key Points-

  • Tharman, the co-chairman in the G20 panel and a minister in Singapore, has proposed whole new rules and regulations for stabilizing, organizing, and preparing the new global system, unlike the way it is working. He introduces few measures to prevent outbreaks or vulnerability to future pandemics. This report was released on a Friday. 
  • A global pandemic could hit us anytime with the brand new Delta variant out now spreading like fire, as it is a highly contagious variant compared to the Covid-19 or any other variant that existed. This variant is infecting newborns and the younger population and especially individuals who have not been completely vaccinated. The US, UK, and many other countries have started to increase their vaccination rates to get every individual vaccinated since that is the motto. The vaccines have not been identified as an actual shield against the virus, but it is stated by many countries and CDC and higher authorities that even if you are vaccinated, it does not make you completely immune to the virus and especially the Delta virus. Safety measures are advised to be taken, whether vaccinated or not. 

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