Singorama Reviews- An Organic Autotune Technique?

Allie Troy | Last Updated : January 15, 2021

Vocal training courses and guides are designed to teach you how to make your voice sound more powerful, how to use vocal technique to expand your range and expression, and how to become more confident in vocal performance.

Singorama Reviews- Tips To Become A Singer With An Incredible Voice!

Singorama is such a guide that may help you to sing like a professional. This Singorama review provides a brief about the guide, Singorama benefits, and its features.

If you wish to develop a beautiful singer’s voice with effortless vocal agility, then continue reading this Singorama review. This review may help you to decide whether Singorama is a perfect guide for you or not.

Singorama Reviews
Product NameSingorama
Main BenefitsTeaches you the correct techniques by using professional insider tips.
SpecificationThe digital program includes 28 dynamic vocal training audio modules
Duration10 minutes a day
CreatorMelanie Alexander
AvailabilityOnly through the official website
Official WebsiteClick Here

What is Singorama Program?

Singorama is a vocal training guide developed by Melanie Alexander, an experienced vocal coach. The program teaches you the correct techniques by using professional insider tips.

Melanie Alexander claims that by following her streamlined professional singing system, you will be able to sing with power, your voice will effortlessly resonate with strength and clarity, you may get a smooth tone with beautiful vibrato, etc.

You can learn this correctness through Singorama 2.0 free download by putting aside just 10 minutes a day. Day-by-day you could feel transformations in your voice, your vocals kept getting stronger, more agile, with greater control and range.

That is, by dedication just 10 minutes a day and following this simple system and the easy-to-use system you can achieve your singing dreams. 

Singorama system consists of 28 dynamic vocal training audio modules and these come in the form of ebooks, worksheets, and tools.

Each module is designed to have you singing with better range, tone, pitch, and control quickly. Below given are the techniques and tricks included inside the Singorama course.

  • Organic autotune technique
  • Loaded resonance method
  • Progressive interval training for singers
  • Fluid reverberation technique
  • Aural tonality conditioning
  • Octave power generator
  • Nerve recalibration technique
  • Advanced larynx amplifier
  • Bridged vocalization
  • The harmonic acumen

And a lot more………..

Singorama Review

Who is the person behind Singorama?

Melanie Alexander, an experienced vocal coach, and a singer is the person behind Singorama which helps you to get rid of your vocal break.

She had recorded around 7 albums in her singing career with two albums that went platinum and another that went Gold, having a hit single in Australia and Asia as part of a band called “Girlfriend”.

Melanie Alexander has brought all the techniques and tricks in Singorama that she had used to address the issues of a singer. These techniques had helped her with strong vocals. 

Advantages of choosing Singorama

As said in Singorama reviews, the techniques mentioned in Singorama course may transform your voice to heights and helps to get rid of voice breaks.

This simple step-by-step course has numerous advantages and features. Some of the important ones are listed below, go through them. 

  • Organic auto time technique trains your vocal muscles easily to hit notes perfectly.
  • The loaded resonance method teaches you to control breathing while singing and to maintain the posture of a singer.
  • The tips and tricks included in the course will give you a powerful, full-sounding voice elevating above the choir. 
  • Increase your ability to learn songs and harmonize in a way that previously would have been like another language.
  • Allow you to seamlessly go from high to low notes without any voice breaks
  • Teaches you to avoid singing sharp or flat, how to build your mental ear, how to understand a perfect pitch.
  • You can overcome all your fears and phobias
  • You can maintain a good tone
  • Learn to use your voice to produce multiple singing styles

Who is Singorama course for?

Anyone who loves to sing and wants to improve their voice can enrol in this Singorama program. It doesn’t matter whether you are a starter, intermediate, or an experienced singer.

Through this Singorama course, you will discover techniques, tips, and tricks to become a singer with an incredible voice. You will learn to avoid all the bad habits in order to maintain healthy vocal cords.

As mentioned in Singorama reviews, each and every module included in the Singorama teaches you the best practices and ensures that your voice has the strength and stamina to sing.    

Bonuses of Singorama Vocal Training Program

Bonus #1 Singorama Advancement App

Singorama advancement app is designed to help you advance your singing ability. This app warms up your vocal cords easily and you can improve overall technique and ability quickly.

It has around 120 tracks and by using them, you can effortlessly correct yourself while your practice. Singorama Advancement app worth $97 and now it is available completely free for you.

Singorama bonus1

Bonus #2 Singorama mini-recording studio

Singorama mini-recording studio is a software that allows you to record, listen, evaluate, and chart your progress.

It includes a virtual keyboard for practising. This helps to scale and pinpoint your weaknesses. The value of this software is $97 and you will get it for free once you access Singorama 2.0 free download.

Singorama bonus2

Bonus #3 The Ultimate Guide on How to Read Music

How to Read Music is an in-depth guide that helps you to increase your understanding of music. The value of this guide is $47 and now you will get it as a free bonus.

Singorama bonus3

Price of Singorama

Singorama, the ultimate guide to singing like a professional now costs just $67. This incredible discount offer is only available for a limited time period.

The official website also provides a 60-day money-back guarantee. So if you are not satisfied with the results the course provided to you, then you can ask for your money back within 60 days of purchase.

So this purchase will be 100% risk-free with this no questions asked, no strings attached, no forms to fill out, money-back guarantee.   


The official website of Singorama also offers a 60 days money-back guarantee. That is a full refund for you within 60 days of purchase, no questions asked. You can make use of this offer if you do not like Singorama for any reason. Just make sure that you purchase Singorama from its official website to take advantage of this risk-free, full refund policy.

How to get your hands on Singorama?

You will get your hands on Singorama through its official website only. You cannot enrol in Singorama program through any other website or from any offline retail shops.

Proceed with your payment options through the guaranteed safe checkout page. For the convenience of the users and customers, Singorama website also supports various payment options such as McAfee Secure, PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express, etc. 

Singorama reviews – Final verdict

Singorama is a guide that teaches you the techniques that help to get rid of your vocal break and to reach higher notes with effortless strength.

As already said in Singorama reviews, it takes just 10 minutes per day to achieve your singing dreams. It is backed by thousands of positive customer reviews and opinions. Also, you have the benefit of using the 100% money-back guarantee.

So if you are not satisfied with the result and if you haven’t achieved the desired result, then you can claim a 100% refund immediately.        

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