Skin Silker Pro Reviews – An Unisex Painless Hair Remover With IPL Technology!

Dr. Ricardo Alvarez | Last Updated : April 21, 2022

If you are here for detailed Skin Silker Pro reviews, then this article is for you. Skin Silker Pro is a new laser hair remover launched in the market. DIY laser hair removal offered by Skin Silker Pro seems very impressive and we are all curious to know how this product works.

Skin Silker Pro Reviews – Is It Necessary To Clean Your Skin Before Using This Device?

Skin Silker Pro hair removal device has quoted some of the important information regarding the device on their website. But, we all need to know a little more and deeper. This Skin Silker Pro review has tried to include some important points that I think will benefit you. So without wasting time, let’s get to know Skin Silker Pro.

Skin Silker Pro Reviews
Product NameSkin Silker Pro
CategoryHair removal device
AimUses laser technology to remove the hairs
  • Unisex device
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Rechargeable and reusable
  • You can control the heat emitted
  • Convenient to keep along with travel
  • Benefits
  • Used for both men and women
  • Quick and Painless
  • Laser hair removal anytime and anywhere
  • Power rate2w
    Frequency Range60-70hz
    Battery Capacity350mah
    Age RangeAdults
    Money-Back Guarantee30 Days
    Official WebsiteClick Here

    What Is Skin Silker Pro Hair Removal Kit?

    Skin Silker Pro is a unisex laser hair remover for summer. Skin Silker Pro gives you an easy and pain-free hair removal experience, unlike waxing or razors. The device is easy to use and easy to carry along with travel.

    According to the official website, the device is suitable and effective for both women and men. Skin Silker Pro Intense Pulsed Light handheld device claims to remove most types of hair whether it’s fine, thick, dark, or light. Moreover the Skin Silker Pro is suitable for all types of skin.

    Skin Silker Pro Device

    Main Features Of Skin Silker Pro

    • Unisex device
    • Simple and easy to use
    • Rechargeable and reusable
    • You can control the heat emitted
    • Convenient to keep along with travel

    How Does Skin Silker Pro Hair Removal Device Work?

    Skin Silker Pro device is small in size and convenient to use. Skin Silker Pro works by removing the small tiny hairs of the leg, underarm, groin, arm, back, chest, shoulder, and facial hair (it can only be used below cheekbones). The device uses laser technology to remove the hairs. Laser hair removal generally works by killing the hair follicles of the area.  

    According to the website, it’s important to clean your skin before using Skin Silker Pro. The official site and Skin Silker Pro reviews show that laser hair treatment eliminates hair through propagating heat in the hair stem pigments. The website also shows that Skin Silker Pro also helps to achieve permanent hair reduction.

    Professional laser treatment costs are high, so we all may look for a cheap, but still effective back plan. However, at-home laser devices are not as powerful as dermatologists. However, it seems that after a couple of at-home devices use, you may start to feel hair growth reduction. 

    Skin Silker Pro Working

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    Benefits Of Using Skin Silker Pro

    Here, in this section, we are going to discuss the Skin Silker Pro benefits offered to the customers

    • Attacks hair at the root, impeding the growth of more body hair

     Skin Silker Pro uses laser technology to kill the hair follicles. Continuing the technique could impede the growth of more body hair. Skin Silker Pro also claims to work on all parts of the body.

    • Can be used by both men and women

    The device is unisex. It is perfect for daily use and convenient to carry with you when you travel.

    • Laser hair removal anytime and anywhere.

     Skin Silker Pro is rechargeable and reusable. You can do multiple sessions at your home or comfort zone without investing in expensive laser hair treatment.

    • Quick and Painless.

     Skin Silker Pro claims to offer a laser hair removal treatment that is easy, quick, and painless. You can do it by yourself at your home. Skin Silker Pro claims that you can also feel these amazing experiences just like their over 20,000 satisfied customers.

    Skin Silker Pro Benefits

    Pros & Cons Of Skin Silker Pro


    • Easy to use and convenient to carry
    • Laser treatment at home
    • Suitable for all skin types
    • May reduce the growth of hair over time
    • Affordable when compared to other costly hair removal treatments


    • May be hard to cover all body parts.
    • A sudden reduction in hair growth may not be possible, it might take multiple sessions.

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    Is Skin Silker Pro Legit Or Not?

    Laser hair removal DIY devices seem to be trending recently. They are more convenient to use and may be more preferable and suitable for time and money-saving.

    Skin Silker Pro also seems to follow this trend and is introduced as a unisex device for both men and women. It is manufactured in the USA and according to the website, this one device will help you to experience pain-free, easy, and effective hair removal. 

    Skin Silker Pro Customer Reviews & Complaints

    Reviews are an essential part when choosing a good product. Let’s get to know the Skin Silker Pro customer reviews

    Skin Silker Pro has got enlisted in some review websites and at a glance, all seems positive. According to the creator, 97% of their customers recommend it.

    After referring to several Skin Silker Pro reviews, there are no complaints I could find about the device. However, we can all expect that any DIY product might not be as effective as an expensive laser treatment, but again, I think, DIY is a better choice since it is so convenient to use.

    Skin Silker Pro Customer Reviews

    Skin Silker Pro Pricing & Availability

    Skin Silker Pro laser hair remover is currently offering a huge discount of 50% when you purchase from the official website. You can buy $158 worth of Skin Silker Pro, for only $79 with free shipping. More details are given below.

    It seems that Combo packs of Skin Silker Pro offer more discounts when compared to single packs. As for warranty covers, You can ensure a warranty of one year for $5.95 or for two years for $9.95.

    According to the data available, Skin Silker Pro is only available on the official website. It can’t be bought from any other third-party stores on e-commerce websites like Amazon. There may be products selling under the same on some other websites, but as per the information available, chances are less than they are original. Hence, to ensure you receive the original product, you can buy it from the official website.

    Final Verdict On Skin Silker Pro Reviews

    Waxing, shaving, and cosmetic clinics are some of the most common and popular hair removal techniques used in recent times. Everyone has its merits and demerits. Some people are not happy with razors, whereas some say waxing hurts. It might be true too. 

    As we know, considering all these points new techniques or devices will be introduced into the market. And here comes Laser hair remover. Laser hair removers are said to be painless, handy, less time-consuming, and may also help you to reduce the growth of hair after its continuous use. 

    Skin Silker Pro reviews from the customer show that this device offers so many impressive benefits to them. It is easy to use, convenient to carry and store, and importantly it provides a DIY laser hair removal treatment in your comfort zone. Skin Silker Pro seems to solve many of the previously listed hair removal problems also.


    • How many days does it take for shipment and delivery of Skin Silker Pro?

    According to the website, the delivery time may change based on the countries the customers are from. Normally European countries take about 10-15 days and a maximum of 21 days. For Most Asian countries like India, normally it takes 15-30 days for delivery.

    • Can I buy it from retail or any other e-commerce stores?

    It is better not to buy the product from any other sources to ensure that the product you receive is original. Based on available information, Skin Silker Pro is only sold through the official website. Additionally, the official website may also provide exciting discount offers. 

    • Should I buy a combo pack or a single?

    It is your personal choice. However, it can be seen that the combo offers have more discount prices.

    • Can I get a permanent removal after using Skin Silker Pro?

    No. However, it seems that you may reduce hair growth after multiple uses.

    • Does the product offer any warranty for Skin Silker Pro?

    Yes, but you need to pay extra. You can get one year of warranty for ₹ 489 or two years with ₹ 819.


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