Smallpox vials seen in Pennsylvania | Latest News

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : November 20, 2021

CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) stated that they found few vials which said smallpox. These vials were found in a research facility in Pennsylvania. CDC also stated that as of now no cases of smallpox has been reported by anyone in Pennsylvania. These vials were found by a cleaner who was cleaning a freezer in the research facility and then alerted the authorities.

Smallpox vials seen in Pennsylvania | Latest News

It was a relief that the worker was wearing gloves and protective shield on the face while cleaning so there won’t be any contact with the virus. Smallpox was fully removed from the earth in a global vaccination drive in 1980. Only few samples of the virus is kept at some of the research facility to study on it. Smallpox was detected in the early 1900`s and the worst outbreak was in 1947. Smallpox was known to affect at least 15 million people and the killed roughly 30% of the affected people.

Smallpox vials seen in Pennsylvania

Similar case was unearthed in Maryland where in health care officials found 6 vials of smallpox in a storage room in the research lab. Even then the area was tested to see if there were any cases of smallpox, however nothing was reported in the local clinics. Government is still thinking if it is safe to keep these vials or to destroy them completely. As the whole genome date is now digitally available keeping the virus does not make any sense and with the virus available if leaked could cause another pandemic.

The vaccination of small pox has stopped by 1972 and as of today most of the people have developed immunity to it. However, if a person with low immunity comes in contact with the smallpox virus, then it could be life threatening. Many of the research facilities all over the world have an antidote if such a case comes in.

The CDC has ordered a deep enquiry into the matter as to understand how these vials were left in the storage unattended and who is responsible for this. The retrieved vials have been transported to the CDC head quarters where in they will be checked to see if the virus is properly contained or not.

Many of the health care and government officials have stated that we should destroy the virus. On the other hand, some of the researchers stated that there could be more potential use of this virus in the coming days and more research is needed in this matter.

Many of the elderly people stated that they have seen very bad days in the early 1950`s and 1960`s where in people used to die because of fever and had no cure. The global vaccination took place for 20 years to fully eradicate the smallpox vaccine from our day to day life and is still a major threat to humans.

Similar connections are made to the corona virus which has caused many deaths all over the world. Researchers and health care officials have stated that the only way to stop the corona virus is to get vaccinated as quickly as possible. Officials states that the corona virus wont go easily and humans will have to adjust with masks for a long time until everyone develops immunity against the virus.

The global vaccination will take more 2 to 3 years to be fully in effect. Corona virus has killed as many people as smallpox now and the only difference is that now we have better hospital and medical care and yet the death rate is increasing with every passing day as many of the people are not vaccinated.

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