Snow Shovel Black Friday Deals (2020) On Amazon: Get Upto 80% Discount!!!

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : November 24, 2020

If you are in the market to buy cordless snow shovels, then this Black Friday sale will be a perfect time. Here are some of the best cordless snow shovel black Friday deals 2020 on Amazon. Go through each of the deals and it will be helpful for you to choose a high-quality product. Visit Amazon to Find Snow shovel Black Friday Deals 2020 and Get Upto 70% Discount

Snow Shovel Black Friday Deals(2020) On Amazon

Snapper XD 82V Max Cordless Electric Snow Shovel Kit


Snapper XD 82V Max cordless electric snow shovel kit with 12-inch clearing width costs $249.00. Through this Black Friday deal, you will be saving $50.00 or 17% and the whole package also includes a 2.0 battery and a rapid charger. If you do not require a battery and charger, then the only cost of the product after the discount applied is just $179.00. Snapper’s cordless electric snow shovel kit helps to quickly clear away snow on sidewalks and features a throwing distance of up to 20’. The 82V Lithium-ion 2.0 battery delivers up to 45 minutes of powerful runtime. It has a push-button that starts this cordless snow shovel and it takes the stress out of snow removal with no-pull cords, gas, or oil. Other key features of the device are:

  • The material used for manufacturing the device is rubber
  • Better weight distribution
  • Easy to control
  • Can clear up snow quickly and easily
  • Offer consistent power
  • Quickly charges to 100% 

Hopkins 17211 SubZero Auto Emergency Snow Shovel with extendable handle

Hopkins 17211 SubZero

Hopkins 17211 SubZero auto emergency snow shovel kit is available at a discounted price and also in variable colors. The manufacturing company has offered a 17% discount on products as a part of Black Friday 2020 deals. It has an extendable handle and the weight of the shovel is just 1.2 pounds. So it will be easy to carry. The extendable handle can be extended to around 37” for long reach and can be stored after compacting it. The handle has a D shape and a soft grip to make the users comfortable while using it. Hopkins auto emergency snow shovel has various features and some of them are listed below.

  • Works well with telescoping handles
  • Does not stay extended when removing icy snow
  • Strong and does not broke 

Greenworks Pro 12-inch 80V Cordless Snow Shovel


Greenworks Pro 12-inch 80V cordless snow shovel is available on Amazon at $290.09. If you do not require a battery, then you have to pay only $150.78. The device is lightweight and it will be easy to push along the paved sidewalk. According to customer reviews reported so far, the shovel has better performance and a single battery charge gives it over 30 minutes of running time. The weight of the device is equally distributed and is counterbalanced by the weight of the battery on the opposite end from the blower head. Even though it is effortless comparing to throwing with a normal shovel, you have to take extra effort to use it in smaller spaces. Other properties and advantages of Greenworks cordless snow shovel as per customer reviews are:

  • Lightweight and powerful snow shovel
  • Helps you to easily move snow 
  • Have enough power to through snow out of your way
  • Quick charging

COFIT 43” Retractable Snow Shovel


The whole package of COFIT’S retractable snow shovel includes a 43” snow shovel, a 39” snow brush, detachable and extendable snow removal telescoping brush, and shovel for car auto truck SUV windshield. The price for this whole package is $42.99 and this discounted price is available during these Black Friday sales only. The product comes in a small black bag in which you can throw in all the components of the shovel and store them away. The components look sturdy and the handle of the shovel is big enough to be able to hold and have a good grip on. It has two extensions and you can use them according to the length you want. Also, it is very lightweight, disassemble into 4 pieces, and fits well in the included bag. The most important advantages of COFIT’S retractable snow shovel are listed below.

  • You can do the work without bending much
  • Can be disassembled for convenient storage
  • Minimize the effort to remove snow
  • Can also use the brush to clean motorbike, door, and windows

Odoland 43” Folding Snow Shovel


Odoland’s 43” folding snow shovel package costs $25.99 and the whole package includes a folding snow shovel, camping shovel, survival shovel, garden shovel with ice scraper, snow removal tool for car, outdoor lawn, and garden. It is lightweight and the multiple shaft pieces help you to adjust the length. So it will be easier for shorter people or kids to use it. The camping shovel is very compact and fits well into the camping box. Other merits of using Odoland’s folding snow shovel are:

  • The material used to manufacture is rustproof
  • Lightweight and durable material
  • High tensile strength
  • Don’t need to bend over for snow shoveling
  • Can be mounted and dismounted
  • Good moisture resistance
  • Strong heat insulation

The above given are the best Black Friday Snow Shovel Deals 2020 available on Amazon. Choose one among them and shop on Amazon to save huge. Early Black Friday deals 2020 has already started on Amazon and we hope that this article has cleared all your confusion on choosing the best snow shovel black Friday deal 2020.  

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