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Special Correspondent | Last Updated : October 22, 2022

Hey readers, since the frigid winter is nearby, have you ever thought of any affordable plans to beat it? Then scroll through this Sol Heater review, since it will help you get everything about this handy and economical mini heater revealed. 

Sol Heater Reviews – Does This Lightweight Heater Help To Warm The Room Quickly?

If you are hearing about this tiny heater unit for the first time, let me explain to you, it comes as a mini space heater, which is easily operated, and promises better savings on your power bills. So, this review is based on a subtle analysis made on Sol Heater and each aspect. 

As such keep on reading Sol Heater’s review to learn about this innovative technology space heater, to see its peculiarities, and to ensure whether it is worthy.

Product NameSol Heater
Main BenefitHelps to bring comfortable warmth in a small indoor space
Unique FeaturesPortableLightweightCompactUser-friendly
Wattage60Hz 650W (Low) – 1200W (High)
Heating Coverage32 square meter
Warranty3 years
Money-Back Guarantee30 Days
AvailableOfficial Website
Official WebsiteClick Here

What is Sol Heater?

Sol Heater is a mini and portable space heater unit that is beneficial to warm up any small space to combat freezing temperatures. It features advanced heating technology which makes it compatible with indoor areas to provide relaxing and cozy warm wind. This mini heater is also not meant for larger spaces and becomes an eco-friendly and economic solution since it doesn’t require much electricity to function. As it is also included with a simple on/off button, and adjustable temperatures, it can be effective for anyone. 

Features of Sol Heater device 

The Sol Heater comes with several features which make it different from traditional heating systems. 

Check out the important features of this compact room heater. 

  • Quick functioning: the Sol Heater device can rapidly make your room cozy and warm within 30 seconds, once it is turned on. Besides, it can be operated quite easily since it’s so easy to set up.
  • Energy-efficient and affordable: the device comes at an affordable price and consumes very less electricity to perform. This can help you save better on power expenses than any traditional units. 
  • Portable and compact design: Sol Heater is compact and portable compared to other heating options. So, you can carry it from room to room, and store it easily. This way, it also becomes ideal for travel.
  • Safety protected: this compact heater unit also features tip-over protection and overheat protection to be safe around children as well as pets. 
  • Built-in timer: its built-in timer comes with four modes and effectively allows you to keep it on standby up to a specified time with the preferred temperature. 
  • Simple on/off button included: the device can easily be operated with its simple on/off button. This feature makes it convenient for all types of users. 
  • Adjustable temperatures: since the device is additionally included with temperature adjustable buttons, you can easily adjust the preferred temperature. 
  • Noiseless functioning: as Sol Heater pack functions quietly without producing any noise or disturbance, it allows you to mind your own business without any interruption.   

How does Sol Heater work?

The compact and portable Sol Heater works by combating extreme cold temperatures and bringing in a comfortable warmth in a small indoor space. Even if this heater works with advanced instant warning technology, it is quite simple to operate with a few steps. To operate it, you can plug it into the wall socket and turn it on. Then, you can adjust the temperature to let the warm breeze come out of it. 

After the Sol Heater unit is turned on, it can suck in the cold air and make it pass through the heating coils with which it is equipped. After this, the device can emit warm air out of it and the process continues, when the room becomes warm enough up to the desired temperature. 

Sol Heater Benefits

As a convenient room heating unit that is quite different from conventional options, Sol Heater device comes with a list of benefits. It is clear from other Sol Heater reviews on the internet that it has many benefits. Have a look at the various ways in which you can benefit from this mini space heater. 

  • Rapid action to warm up the room 
  • Easy to carry and store
  • Brings more savings on power bills
  • Saves time, energy, and money
  • Travel-friendly and used in any small indoor space
  • Easy to operate and convenient for all 

Pros and Cons of Sol Heater Device

If you prefer any heating unit, you can see many positive and negative factors associated with them. Considering the Sol Heater device, it is not either excluded from the list. 

Here listed the main pros and cons associated with this mini heater which experts have noticed in it. 


  • Compact 
  • Travel friendly
  • Affordable 
  • 3 years warranty and extended protection
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Easy maintenance
  • Safe and overheat protection
  • Suitable for all 


  • It can only be used indoors and in small spaces
  • Limited availability of the device. 

Is it worth trying?

Evaluating All the features and facts of Sol Heater device, it can be considered a useful and convenient device. Most importantly, it is compact and comparatively inexpensive. It also does not require any large space to keep and set up and operate with simpler steps by anyone. Also, the Sol Heater customer reviews are quite positive.

As seen in other Sol Heater reviews on the internet we can understand, it also does not warm up your entire home or office but is made for small spaces. You can use it at your home and office and even carry it while traveling. Like a cherry on top, Sol Heater also saves more on your electricity bills, since it does not require much power to function.  

Sol Heater Customer Reviews and Complaints

Here are a few real Sol Heater customer reviews collected from reliable sources. They will help you have an overall idea about the feedback it has received so far. 

Bob Stephens

I am extremely happy with my choice of Sol Heater since I find it truly efficient. Even if I have a large bedroom, this mini heater takes less than two minutes to make it comfy. It also does not make any noise, so I can have restful sleep every night, even if the temperature is at its peak. I highly recommend it to all. 

Emile Bark

Even if Sol Heater looked way tinier than expected, I regret that I didn’t get one of these earlier. This economical device also made me save a lot on my monthly expenses for electricity too. I bought it in bulk since both my children insisted on going for it, and I feel happy that I chose the right product for my entire family. 

Jake Goldwin

The Sol Heater device is truly amazing as it is simple to use and rapidly warms up an entire space. Other than using it in bedrooms, we use it in the kitchen, indoor play area, and living room. It is also ideal to use around children, as it doesn’t bring any hazards. Still, sometimes, I had to turn on the central heating unit rather than the Sol Heater, since it cannot be used for the entire house.

Sol Heater device Pricing and Availability

As per Sol Heater reviews, there are four different pricing plans among which you can choose as per your preference and proceed with your order.

  • 1 Sol Heater at £49.95 + shipping 
  • 2 Sol Heaters at £47.45/each + shipping 
  • 3 Sol Heaters at £44.96/each + shipping 
  • 4 Sol Heater at £42.46/each + shipping 
  • 5 Sol Heater at £39.96/each + shipping

You can choose any of these plans as per your needs and how bigger your family is. But, whichever plan among these makes sense to you, never forget to proceed through the official website, as it’s where you can get the authentic Sol Heater exclusively available for purchase. This will also help you get your purchase safely done, without any middleman or any unnecessary charges.

No matter whichever is your choice among these five plans, it will be backed by a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee. It will help you get a refund if Sol Heater fails to meet your expectations, or if you are not happy for any reason after choosing it. 

Verdict on Sol Heater Reviews

As per an extensive study made on every facet of Sol Heater, it comes out as a legit and valuable device that can help you win over the cold weather, especially during winter. This portable mini-heating system can help you warm up any smaller indoor space like your bedroom, kitchen, and living area, without consuming much electricity. Along with its feature of energy efficiency, it also overheats protected to avoid hazards and to be safe to use around pets and children. Many customers also have affirmed that it is useful and convenient since it can help you warm up your entire bedroom in less than two minutes. 

According to Sol Heater reviews, the device is made with durable materials and comes with a three years warranty. At the same time, the manufacturer assures complete safety and satisfaction with it. Moreover, Sol Heater pack has clubbed with a hassle-free, 30-day money-back guarantee. So, in case you have changed your mind, or are not satisfied after choosing this compact heater, you can get a full refund without any dispute. Based on all these factors, Sol Heater turns out to be a beneficial product that is truly worthy of your try. 


  • Is there any subscription included with Sol Heater’s purchase?

There is no subscription included with Sol Heater, so you can purchase it with a one-time payment.

  • Which Sol Heater package is ideal for me to pick?

It depends on how large your family is, or the number of areas in which you wish to warm up at a time.

  • Do I need to pay anything extra for shipping?

To assure safe delivery to your doorsteps, every purchase is included with a standard shipping charge.

  • Will having a Sol Heater pack at home raise my power bills?

Sol Heater is energy efficient and consumes very less electricity when compared to traditional room heat systems.

  • What if I don’t like this device after trying it?

Sol Heater comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. It will help you retrieve every penny invested if you are not happy after trying it. 

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