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Study: Some Possible Later Alzheimer’s COVID Connection

Researchers are working to figure out why certain COVID-19 survivors are suffering from “brain fog” and other issues that can linger for several months. New findings say Alzheimer’s could be the reason for this. 

Research on elderly individuals showed amazing alterations in memory and cognition, independent of the intensity of their sickness, lasting at least 6 months following an outbreak of coronavirus. Since the spread of the virus in different nations, the study of the same and connection between these two medical conditions have been much necessary to identify. This survey has helped experts in the field of treating patients with Alzheimer’s in different nations as they can know the effect of infection of Coronavius on the severity of conditions of their patients.

Study: Some Possible Later Alzheimer’s COVID Connection

In the Alzheimer’s Association conference, results were revealed, that there should be more research works are needed to find due to COVID -19 infection there is a chance of Alzheimer’s and other brain diseases further in life.

Some Possible Later Alzheimer's COVID Connection

Dr. Richard Hodes, director of The National Institute on Aging said, the evidence and assumptions on the relation between Alzheimer’s and COVID -19 are very troubling but at present, it’s still unclear that whether COVID -19 has any long time effects on the cognitive system or not. The institute is not involved in the previous research but they already started their research.

There are some indications of risk arising from studies that have retained a health register of everybody who has had or has not received the virus, over 300 persons in Argentina’s Jujuy area. Researchers analyzed the data for 60 and older persons who had zero cases of brain problems before the epidemic and inquired whether they had been tested cognitively.

Dr. Gabriel de Erausquin of the San Antonio University of Texas Health Science Center, leader of this study remarked, “It’s pretty alarming if I had to say it simply. Nearly 20% of older people showed short-range memory impairments between 3 and 6 months following coronavirus infection. And 34 percent had more severe impairments than Erausquin termed a “dementia syndrome,” comprising language and long-term memory difficulties.

How intense the COVID-19 situation is, but it will not predict the severity of this situation instead, the most exposed people are exposed to permanent smell loss. With COVID-19, this loss is generally transitory. Yet de Erausquin highlighted that the olfactory part of the brain has a direct connection with memory-critical regions, and loss of smell is often a symptom of degenerative illnesses like Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s.

The study will monitor the reposts of individuals from the last 3 years to discover how they go about it. While early results focused on senior individuals, it is clear that chronic difficulties with younger survivors of COVID-19 seem to depend more on the capacity of concentration.

New York University-Langone Health researchers adopted a new technique and tested blood for over 300 elderly individuals in the COVID-19 facility. About half had new neurological symptoms including disorientation in the infection with coronaviruses. The research revealed that proteins associated with inflammation in the nervous system, brain cell damage, Alzheimer’s disease and raise in their blood sugar levels

This demonstrates that the brain reacts to injuries, although the aberrant levels signify Alzheimer’s-like alterations or are transitory, said Eliezer Masliah, who was not engaged in research, of the National Institute of Aging. He highlighted that with Alzheimer’s, a protein that becomes wrong has an essential role in the brain to protect itself against infections.

The previous study has shown that some viruses might play their part later in Alzheimer’s disease, and due to this terrible pandemic, it’s very difficult to find out more about the relations between Alzheimer’s and COVID said, Snyder.

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