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Some States Lift COVID-19 Rules Despite Experts’ Alarms

Despite there is a remarkable and gradual decrease in the daily hits of new hospitalizations and deaths during the current pandemic days, U.S health experts warn all citizens of the risks of relieving precautions.

Some States Lift COVID-19 Rules Despite Experts’ Alarms 

Dr. Anthony Fauci’s earlier warning suggested that since the country is yet to reach herd-immunity, loosening the measures of prevention can endanger the country with another surge in figures of deaths and contractions.

Some States Lift COVID-19 Rules Despite Experts’ Alarms

Many states have eased the rules of COVID-19, ignoring the warnings and alarming pleas from health officials. Governors and other leaders from across the country are rapidly joining to follow the movement to loosen up the restrictions imposed on the public. 

Of the states that have currently joined the efforts to let go the guards, Texas is the biggest. The state has lifted the mask rule. 

Gov. Greg Abbot of the Lone Star State announced a restaurant in Lubbock and said that the state will remove the limits on the number of diners who can be served indoors. 

A similar move was made by the governors of Michigan, Mississippi, and Louisiana. These states have relieved the restrictions on bars, restaurants, and other businesses on Tuesday.  

The mayor of the city of San Francisco also relieved the same. 

Abbot said that personal responsibility will not end with the removal of statewide mandates. He added that the state mandates are not needed any longer. He gave all these remarks when he was in a crowded dining room in the restaurant and many of those who were with him were not masked. 

Since it has been more than a year of the pandemic, the political leaders of the country have grown tired of the restrictions which brought to end the spread of the lethal coronavirus. The pandemic has caused the death of a notable part of the American population. Many of the places in the country are effectively following the preventive measures, but in the rest, people are letting the restrictions go.

Officials said that the reasons behind lifting the restrictions are the justly paced efforts of administering vaccine doses across the country as well as the reduction of cases on both deaths and hospitalizations. 

They are afraid of another deadly wave of contagion after the post-holiday surge in the figures.

Top health officials across the country, including the U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, have seen the recent move by the states on the removal of the rules. 

These experts have repeatedly begged people not to risk another surge as the immunizing efforts have just recently made progress to distribute the shots among people. The country is about to see the signs of victory over the pandemic, but the threat of other highly contagious variants of the coronavirus remains there. 

Over a couple of the past months, the total COVID-19 cases have plunged above 70%. This held from an average of 250,000 power day infections. Whereas, there has also been a drastic fall in per day deaths as around 40% since January. 

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