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South Africa Approves Pfizer Vaccines For Children

The biggest producer in the United States of N95 masks, 3M Co., along with Qiagen, the German genetic testing specialist, spoke about Biden’s new measures on Friday. They said that they comply with these measures, and they strongly praise initiatives that aim at speeding up the vaccination process, especially at workspaces.

South Africa Approves Pfizer Vaccines For Children

Health officials of the US said that they will monitor the safety of vaccines on children against COVID-19 for at least two months for any possible side effects. They are looking for ways to get quick and safe authorization. On Friday, the US Food and Drug Administration said that they are finding ways to review data as soon as possible, probably in weeks and not months.

South Africa Approves Pfizer Vaccines For Children

Even in the face of the delta variant, which is found to be the most contagious variant ever, many studies have found that vaccines against COVID-19 offer enough protection against death and hospitalization. Studies have also found that the effectiveness of these vaccines wears off in older people of 75 years of age and above.

The studies also conclude that vaccines of Moderna Inc are more effective in preventing deaths and hospitalization than Johnson & Johnson or BioNTech/Pfizer Inc.

Along with his aides, President Joe Biden has concluded in recent weeks that playing Nice Guy or having a nice approach is not working. He himself opposed mandates earlier, but it seems like mandates are the only option left available. His decision has been opposed by a lot of leaders.

Top health officials of the US believe that the COVID-19 vaccine of Pfizer Inc could be authorized for kids between 5 to 11 years of age by October end. It is expected that Germany’s BioNTech along with Pfizer will submit enough clinical trials data to win emergency authorization for children, said the sources.

President Joe Biden spoke with Xi Jinping, his Chinese counterpart, on a call to discuss COVID-19 origins, according to the White House. Press secretary of White House, Jen Psaki said that they talked about trans-national issues and the origins of the virus. Psaki said that even though the topic was raised, she would not go into its further details.

On Friday, Republicans vowed that they would fight Joe Biden’s mandate of vaccines that requires private business employers to vaccinate their employees. The mandate will apply to more than 100 million workers of the country or about two-thirds of employees of the country.

A recent study indicates that people who remain unvaccinated against the virus are eleven times more likely to succumb to the virus. Amidst the surge, millions of Americans remain unvaccinated.

While in Australia, its third most populous state, Queensland, said they might impose a lockdown after rising coronavirus cases, as the country broke its one-day rise record of new infections.

Queensland is home to more than 5 million Australians. The state has reported 5 new infections in one day after a family contracted the infection. Its authorities said that the upcoming few days will be critical to observe if a lockdown is necessary.

On September 10, China’s mainland reported 25 new COVID-19 infections, which was more than 17 cases reported a day earlier, said their authorities. The National Health Commission said that among the newly reported infections, one was transmitted locally while others were imported.

Health regulators of South Africa said that they have approved COVID-19 vaccines of Pfizer for children under the age of 12 years, clearing a path for the government to introduce teenage vaccination programs. The SAPHRA, or the South African Health Products Authority, said that they have reviewed the vaccine’s efficacy and safety before taking the decision.

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