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South Dakota’s Low Virus Regulation, High Rates Of Covid 19 Spark Criticism

The high rates of covid-19 in South Dakota have come under severe criticism as many people are not considering the virus seriously even when the region is severely affected by the virus. According to Jodi Deering, a nurse from South Dakota, most people still refused to implement the Mask mandates, and they do not believe that the virus is real.

South Dakota's Low Virus Regulation, High Rates Of Covid 19 Spark Criticism

This attitude of the people has resulted in widespread infections among the community and attracted criticism from all corners. The nurse said that most patients still believe that there must be some other reason for their illness. Some patients even get aggressive when they are asked to wear masks to protect themselves and other people in the community. She added that patients even call her names and tell her that there is no such thing as coronavirus.

In an interview given to the media, she said that this was not about a single patient, and she has seen this happen with many patients in the last few months. Even some of the patients who were dying due to the virus did not believe that coronavirus was real. She said that some patients even believe that the reason for their illness was lung cancer or their suffering from flu.

She said that it was difficult to watch the condition of these patients as it continued to deteriorate without proper precautions. Most people were simply not ready to believe that they were suffering from covid-19. Many health professionals have also accused the leaders of South Dakota of this situation. They feel that as the leaders are themselves in denial about the covid-19 situation, it has affected the mindset of the common public, and they are not ready to believe anything about the coronavirus.

Even as the number of cases in South Dakota started increasing during the early months of the pandemic, state leaders were still in denial mode and started comparing the figures of the region with that of New York. Many leaders said that the death rate in this region was far better than that of New York City. Such comparisons were often misleading, and the leaders did not consider the issue in a serious manner. South Dakota, along with North Dakota, was always vulnerable to such problems due to economic inequality and higher rates of Pre-existing conditions. The healthcare in this region also lags behind the US’s regular standard, and this is another reason for the high rates of coronavirus cases in this region.

According to the latest reports coming in from authorized sources, boot South Dakota and North Dakota now have the highest per capita rates of covid-19 infection anywhere in the nation. Not only that, even the death rate in these regions is the highest in the country. Even after reaching this situation, the leaders are still reluctant to impose a mask mandate in these States.

This has been the problem with many other smaller states that do not have enough infrastructure to handle pandemics of the size of covid-19. Even the common public is responsible for this situation as every information is now available openly, and they need to get better educated about such health crises. Coronavirus is not local to the US, and it has affected every other country in the world. Many people worldwide are now aware of the seriousness of the problem and take suitable precautions to protect themselves and their family members from the virus. However, the political influence with regards to the pandemic has been a huge factor in the US, and many people are not willing to use masks for such unscientific reasons.

If the situation continues in the same way for the next few weeks, the reason is likely to run out of Critical Care beds, and more deaths can be expected during the year and holiday season. Many Healthcare experts are worried about the Christmas season as most people tend to gather outdoors with friends and family members during this event.

When proper precaution is not taken in this situation, it can lead to a huge spike in coronavirus cases across the state. For this reason, the mask mandate will go a long way in protecting millions of people from the virus.

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