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Experts Opine, In The South Is Getting Worse, As The United States Is Facing The Most Significant Incidence Of New Cases Of Covid

The United States continues to have one of the highest rates of new Covid-19 infections in the world, primarily because of an increase in cases in the southern United States, where several states have lagged behind in getting individuals vaccinated against the coronavirus

The United States Is Facing The Most Significant Incidence Of New Cases Of Covid

This is beginning to look quite threatening in the southern United States. According to statistics from Johns Hopkins University, infection rates in the United States started to decline in the spring as vaccinations became more widely accessible. Still, the seven-day moving average of daily confirmed cases increased in other countries, notably India and Brazil.

Experts Opine, In The South Is Getting Worse, As The United States Is Facing The Most Significant Incidence Of New Cases Of Covid

According to statistics from Johns Hopkins University, the United States has recorded more than 1.5 million new instances of Covid-19 in the month of August, more than three times the number of cases reported by Iran and India, which are currently in second and third position, respectively. In addition, the seven-day average has surpassed 135,000 cases, placing it well ahead of the rest of the world. When looking at states individually, Louisiana has the greatest rate of new cases per capita, followed by Florida. That demonstrates just how out of hand things have become. Transmission is at an all-time high throughout the southern United States right now, according to the FCC. It’s just recently that we’ve begun to see this occurring among younger age groups. Florida on Friday surpassed its own record for the number of Covid-19 cases reported in a single week, reporting 151,415 new cases, the highest number of infections reported in a seven-day period since the epidemic wreaked havoc on people all over the world.

The spread of the more transmissible Delta strain has fuelled the epidemic, which has overwhelmed hospitals throughout the nation. They are not just the highest they have ever been, but they are also the most volatile. They are almost a third more significant than they have been at any previous time in the pandemic’s history. Our hospitals are in a state of disarray. Staffing continues to be a bottleneck in terms of capacity. Our hospital team, including nurses and physicians, respiratory therapists and physician’s assistants, and everyone else you can think of, is completely overwhelmed.

According to Dr. David Kimberlin, head of the Division of Pediatric Infectious Diseases at the University of Alabama in Birmingham, there has been an alarming increase in the number of babies and adolescents hospitalized with Covid-19 in Alabama. A large number of these youngsters are on ventilators or heart-lung bypass devices, and many of them are battling for their lives. Everyone in schools must wear masks, regardless of whether or not they have been vaccinated. State and municipal authorities are at odds over the use of masks and vaccination requirements. However, the practice of disguising children in schools has grown more divisive, particularly in places where vaccination rates are low and Covid-19 infections, as well as hospitalizations, are on the rise, like in California.

The Republican governors of Florida and Texas, Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott have signed executive orders prohibiting mask requirements in their respective states. Taking things a step further, DeSantis threatened to withdraw the wages of superintendents and school board members who failed to comply with his directive. 

The Texas Court of Appeals ruled against Abbott on Friday, allowing mask requirements to stay in effect in Bexar and Dallas counties for the time being. After two lower courts ruled that mask requirement in certain counties may be effective, Abbott petitioned the Court of Appeals to stay the decisions. This was in spite of the governor’s executive order prohibiting the use of mask mandates. Education organizations are suing schools in Arizona because the law prohibits public schools from enforcing mask and vaccination requirements.

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