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Spread Of Covid-19 Through Youth Sports And Extra Curricular Activities

The Coronavirus has succeeded well in disruptiing the educational environment as the pandemic hit the States, causing all educational institutes to go online. But the strong ongoing imapct of Covid-19 is hardly limited to the classroom.   

Officials mentioned that through extra curricular activities, Covid-19 could spread heavily among the youth. As such post-school activities end up creating clusters of kids which can cause the virus to spread rapidly in such a critical living condition presently, Director Of CDC, Dr. Rochelle Walensky spoke. She also added how well aware we are that the increase in this spread is indeed due to more transmissible variants which is closely being monitored. 

Spread Of Covid-19 Through Youth Sports And Extra Curricular Activities

Eric Nichols had brought to an understanding that extracurricular activities are not as important as academic curriculum, but it surely has its place. It leaves no big outcome compared to how students perform in classrooms but is definitely a component in the admission process.

Spread Of Covid-19 Through Youth Sports And Extra Curricular Activities

Last year, in the month of December, a high school wrestling tournament cause 38 positive Covid-19 cases as reported by CDC in January. Variant B.1.1.7 spread through Carver County, in Minnesota, through youth sports activities like Hockey, Basketball, and wrestling.

Originally found in the UK, the B.1.1.7 Variant, is known to be about 50% more easily transmitted compared to any other variant in the past virus history in the US. Children are recommended by the CDC to limit attending post-school activities and requested a dozen various recommendations involving limiting time spent indoors as well as reducing the amount of time each player spends in close contact with each other. 

Anthony Fauci warned children, who are heavily participated in youth sports activities, about the rapid spread occurring among such children. Fauci added that it is the team sports where children are having to come together, of course, without masks, rather than in classrooms. He also mentioned that if we go back and have a look and try to track where are these massive numbers of cases barging in from, in schools, that is what is it. 

Staying safe on the field-

Leana Wen, a Medical Analyst, speaks about how there’s a higher risk of Covid-19 spread at informal settings like post-school activities, etc. more than formal settings because people are willing to put their guard down. 

Leana Wen recommends children play outdoors but not share anything of their own with other children like water bottles, towels, etc. Wen also recommends kids stay on high alert around the locker room and changing areas. She also adds how parents should educate themselves about their sports league’s protocol, in case a player is Covid-19 detected. Some of the questions that should be asked, according to Leana Wen, are “If there’s a positive case, will they be contacted promptly?” or “How is contact tracing done?”

It is put in regards that some extracurricular activities won’t shut down in spite of Coronavirus and its effects. Hence not all hope is lost. Students who wish to continue to be involved in extra activities will be taken online, while activities like athletics and others will be kept out of sight for a while. 

Wen concludes by saying that the activities we once considered safe are now going to be higher in risk due to the new variant that’s comparatively more contagious. It is being requested to stay extra vigilant as the Covid-19 variant can evolve, as we are witnessing it in the present. 

Other Ways to Stand Out In High School Resumes-

Shut out of their preferred activities, students still have chances to stand out to universities. Some students were witnessed doing online internships and involving themselves in online classes, over the summer. 

Family contributions matter at the most during such critical times of living, such as caring for siblings or a sick relative or working online for an additional income. 

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