SSS-Class Suicide Hunter Chapter 69, What Does Viper Want?

SSS-Class Suicide Hunter Chapter 69, What Does Viper Want

During SSS-Class Suicide Hunter Chapter 69, the main focus will be on Viper and the Sword Saint’s message to the world. When they arrived, Kim and the Heavenly Demon were already there to greet them. 

Viper’s Wish, Chapter 69 Of SSS-Class Suicide Hunter!!

Because it appeared that they needed to speak with them immediately, they had arrived at the training field to meet with them. According to media sources, their secret pact may have been discovered by the Cult. 

In the following episode, fans can expect to discover more about what the Sword Saint and Viper want from the celestial monster and how they plan to get it.

SSS-Class Suicide Hunter Chapter 69, What Does Viper Want

On the other hand, Kim will continue to study the different disciplines of Sword Art that his master has taught him. This chapter also contains Kim’s fight against the starving undead, included in the previous chapter.

What Happens Next in Chapter 69 of SSS-Class Suicide Hunter is a mystery?

Earlier in the episode, Kim had already released the Sword of Starvation’s four manifestations before the conclusion of that episode.

He needed to speak with Sword Saint and Viper before he could continue training with the Heavenly Demon, and they had arrived to do so. 

They have been summoned to the demonic Cult as soon as possible due to this revelation. No one knows whether or not the Cult is aware of Kim’s existence until he meets with his master for the first time.

Kim has no legal right to be in the Cult because only children their parents have abandoned are permitted to join the organization.

They can both be held liable due to the Cult knowing that he is studying with Baek Hyang. Is it more likely that the Cult will accept this offer or reject it? The answer will be disclosed in SSS-Class Suicide Hunter Chapter 69, released soon.

The 68th chapter of SSS-Class Suicide began with Kim shouting over Baekhyang’s dismissive attitude toward his Sword of Starvation abilities.

Suddenly, the Heavenly Demon’s demeanor had changed entirely as he found himself amid a conflict with the undead, who were urgently trying to satiate their thirst. 

The lady reprimanded him, saying that his sword was too plain and did not look to be in the midst of a fighting situation. Preta had returned with the bodies of individuals who had died due to starvation during this drama.

When the Heavenly Demon apprehended him, it chose to teach Kim about the Core of Simgyeol, which is the center of the universe.

She told Kim to close his eyes and simulate the sensation of hunger. Kim did as she said. For him, hunger tasted like mud, sunlight, river water, and children’s laughter playing in the nearby surroundings. 

Her next question was whether he could remember when his mother served him scraped apples as a child. When I was thirsty, I had a similar sensation to this.

Baekhyang had told Kim to unleash the first form of the Sword of Starvation a few chapters earlier, and Kim was able to follow through on his instructions and release the first form of the Sword of Starvation.

SSS-Class Suicide Hunter Chapter 69: Release Date

In the upcoming chapter of Suicide Hunter, we’ll find out how Kim is going in her training with Baekhyang. As a result, the SSS-Class Suicide Hunter Chapter 69 will be released on April 6, 2022. 

Currently, the official pages of Naver, Webtoon, and Kakaopage are the only places where you can find manhwa chapters. More information will be available on The Anime Daily in the coming days.

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