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As We Mask Up-The State Of California Softens COVID-19 Rules

The State of California has been seen softening not just laws, but many other guidelines have been let loose with mostly the whole state opening up. It sure scares a few people about the quick opening post the high vaccination rates in the US, but it also does not scare many people who are still unvaccinated even though the vaccine availability has been high in most of the states in America. Quite a few are going along with the loosening up of the Covid-19 laws in the state, and some are still not following the mandatory rules.

As We Mask Up-The State Of California Softens COVID-19 Rules

The state of California is seen softening the covid-19 laws but masking up is probably now going to be a part of our lives to avoid the spreading of the virus or any kind of virus anymore. The state of California has officially made up its mind about the requirements for masking up.

As We Mask Up-The State Of California Softens COVID-19 Rules

A day after the rules were posted, which were called upon for K-12 students, who were seen refusing to wear a mask, are now informed about getting banned from the campus. This law is low softened by the state and said schools that need to offer alternative educational opportunities for students who have been banned for not covering up their faces. The mandatory law for all students to wear a mask indoors and regardless of their vaccination status remains the same.

Tony Thurmond mentioned to the Los Angeles Times that a part of the reason is children under 12 are still not vaccinated or eligible to be vaccinated against the virus, and masking up is seen as healthy and helpful when physically distancing could be difficult with full attendance.

As per the revised guidelines, local school officials are granted leeway on how to handle instances of students who do not wear a mask or refuse to wear a mask and do not have an exemption. California’s school-safety arrangements and requirements go way beyond the CDC’s recommendations that are seen allowing vaccinated students to attend classes without any masks. 

With the new variant surrounded and capturing around the world, Chicago adds Missouri, Arkansas travel advisories. With no states on its travel advisory list, after several weeks, Chicago is now advising unvaccinated people traveling from Missouri or Arkansas to present a negative Covid-19 test report not more than 72 hours before the arrival in the city. It is either that, or the arrivals have to quarantine for 10 days. 

For the first time, last month since July, there have been no states on the travel advisory list of Chicago. But Chicago has added Missouri and Arkansas to the list this Tuesday as two of these states once again are reporting more than 15 positive covid-19 cases per 100,000 residents.  Illinois is now seen reporting 2.6 new daily infections per 100,000 residents. 

While this was all happening, we must continue to stress the importance of receiving vaccination jabs and follow all masking guidelines for traveling outstation. While Chicago has a case rate that remains low, areas with lower vaccination rates are witnessing surges. 

Boston College is seen rejecting exemptions for Catholic students who do not want to get their vaccines. These are students and their angered parents who do not want to get a required covid-19 vaccine due to a purported link that aborts fetal tissue.

The cases have been seen a rise of 97.4% over the last week, but most likely due to the 4th of July reports. The health authorities cannot stress enough, but masking up and social distancing is relevant as of now, especially due to the Delta variant spreading its wings all around the world.

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