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State Department And CDC Advises Against Travelling To UK

The State Department and CDC lifted their advisory to the UK to level 4. It has advised US citizens against traveling to the UK. If at all US citizens have to travel to the UK, they have to be fully vaccinated.COVID 19 is spreading at a fast pace on both shores of the Atlantic Ocean. 

State Department And CDC Advises Against Travelling To UK

The State Department and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have advised US citizens against traveling to the UK. The Delta variant is spreading at an alarming pace there. The warning is of level 4, the highest on the list. The warning is now not a legal mandate. This comes after the travel industry has been pressing President Biden to relax all COVID restrictions due to the enormous demand for travel.

State Department And CDC Advises Against Travelling To UK

The US had banned non-US citizens from coming to the country from the regions like UK, EU, and other places where the Delta variant is prevalent. Europe, on the other hand, has relaxed its restrictions on international travel. Canada, however, announced that it will allow fully vaccinated US citizens to enter the country from August 9.

The British embassy and the White House did not respond to requests for comments.

As per CDC guidelines, if US citizens have to travel to the UK, they should be fully vaccinated. The UK, in the meantime, relaxed all COVID 19 restrictions from Monday. The Government now allows indoor gatherings and the opening of nightclubs. But the COVID 19 pandemic is still raging in the country. In one week, the country reported more than 316,691 coronavirus infections. This is almost 43% higher than that of the last week.

In the US, stocks of airlines fell due to the increasing number of COVID 19 cases. This has given rise to concerns about the recovery of the country’s economy.

Staying safe during air travel

There is a limit to how long a man can stay confined to his own home. Countries are opening up despite the high number of infections therein. Do you plan to go abroad? If yes, the following air travel safety tips will definitely help:

  1. Go for safer choices

Your decision to stay from COVID 19 starts from the time you book the ticket. Avoid layovers and travel only to close destinations. Inquire about the airline’s safety measures. See to it that it encourages wearing masks and maintains social distancing. You should also check for safety updates on the airline’s safety updates at regular intervals online.

  1. Wear your mask

Almost all airlines require that passengers wear masks all the time. There may be exceptions when having your meal. But see to it that you are wearing it as much as possible. This deserves utmost importance if you are not fully vaccinated. You don’t want to get the infection from others. You also take great care not to hand it over to anyone. 

  1. Take your hand sanitizers wherever you go

Airplanes have lots of generally touched surfaces. Airlines are taking great measures to avoid touching like contactless checking. Still, you need to practice utmost caution. Wash every time after touching any surface. Your sanitizer should have at least 60% alcohol in it. 

  1. Maintain social distancing

Always be mindful of the ways to minimize the spread of the infection. When in the air terminal, maintain at least six feet of distance from yourself and others. This may not be feasible in the flight. But do it whenever possible.

Lastly, check for the COVID updates of your destination. If it is a contagious zone, avoid traveling to it.

Vaccination does protect you. But letting your guard off if not allowed is not a wise decision.

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