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States Fight Each Other Challenging Election Results In Supreme Court

As the electoral college is all set to meet in the next few days to vote for the president, the situation has turned into a war involving almost every state in the country. The request made by Texas to the supreme court to block Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania from casting their electoral votes has heated up the situation.

States Fight Each Other Challenging Election Results In Supreme Court

Responding to the challenge mounted by Texas and Donald Trump, the four Battleground States fired back and called the challenge an effort to invalidate the votes cast by millions of citizens. Twenty other democratic led States also opposed the Texas challenge. On the other hand, republican supported States supported the lawsuit submitted by Texas and Donald Trump to the Supreme Court.

States Fight Each Other Challenging Election Results In Supreme Court

The electoral college will meet on Monday, and this is likely to end all the controversy regarding the Presidential elections and give Biden a decisive victory.

Even though the supreme court has about six conservative justices, including those named by Trump, they are unlikely to hear the Texas challenge for various reasons. Legal experts believe that the Texas challenge has come too late to block the certification of the electoral results in other states. The experts also said that blocking electors from casting votes would disenfranchise millions of citizens. Yet another reason why the Supreme Court may not consider the Texas challenge is that several similar cases have been thrashed in other state and Federal courts recently.

Experts say that the Texas challenge wants to invalidate elections in 4 States as the results were not in alignment with the opinion of the state. This argument is legally indefensible, and it is against the principles of constitutional democracy. The supreme court is likely to hear the case in the next few days.

It is unlikely that the supreme court would look into the case as the claims are meritless. However, the Texas challenge has argued that the changes made in voting procedures by the 4 Battleground States were against the law passed by the Legislature. Texas argued that the four states sent tens of millions of ballot applications to the citizens ignoring the methods about how they were received and evaluated during the electoral process.

Donald Trump made a last-minute effort to intervene even though it has still not been accepted by the court. He even made false claims when he said that no presidential candidate ever lost the election after winning Florida and Ohio.

It was interesting to note that there were some changes in the legal team of Trump, and the usual ones who represented the Trump campaign were not named in the petition. Some of the Republican States and governors distanced themselves from the challenge submitted to the supreme court. On the other hand, the states led by democrats presented a united front to the High Court. States argued that Texas should not have a say in how elections are run in different states. They argued that this would harm the public interest and invalidate the choice made by millions of voters.

The Trump campaign has so far lost close to 50 lawsuits in the last two months. Apart from that, the allies of Trump have also submitted several lawsuits across the country and lost most of them. The biggest problem for the Trump campaign is that they were not able to provide any sort of evidence to support their claims of massive fraudulent activities during the recently held US 2020 elections.

The campaign had made all arrangements to file lawsuits even before the election day. They did not want the extension of voting by mail as they felt that it would favor the democratic more than the republicans in the elections. They were hoping for tight election results so that the lawsuits will come out in their favor. However, as election results were clearly in favor of the democrats, the Trump campaign was left with no other option but to make false claims regarding the electoral process.

They have submitted such lawsuits in all the states in which Trump has lost to Biden by a huge margin. On various occasions, the courts have directly dismissed the cases without even considering them as it was based on false claims without any concrete evidence.

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