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How States Are Preparing For The Surge In Vaccine Supply?

Margaret Fisher, who is the special adviser to the health commissioner of New Jersey, has now grown up and become accustomed to saying a no. A no to the people who are vying for these vaccines, no to those businesses who are jockeying trying to reopen and also a no to those who are asking for the predictions on when this pandemic will end.

How States Are Preparing For The Surge In Vaccine Supply?

Where there is more vaccine supply to the state on the way, this infectious disease specialist is now acknowledging herself with a newer word. They will be expecting a flood by the late of April, and for which they have enthusiastically said a ‘yes,’ ” as said by Fisher.

How States Are Preparing For The Surge In Vaccine supply?

Local and state health officials who for so many days have spent months in getting the vaccine shots now are racing for a surge in the supply of the vaccines. That will be more than enough for every individual till the last of May, as the President Joe Biden had promised in the last week. The officials now have been advised to make an advance plan before they will be receiving about 22 to 24 million doses per week by early April. There will be an increase of about fifty percent from the current supply of vaccines. This is as per the report of two people who are familiar with these estimates but spoke to us on the condition of anonymity as they were not authorized to discuss these things with the media.

Biden on this Wednesday, that is today, has also announced that his administration is buying another batch of vaccines from Johnson & Johnson which is the single-shot vaccine. They are buying 100 million doses of it. These doses will be expected to be delivered by the 2nd half of the 2021, which will be offering a bigger redundancy in the U.S. supply. This will help the country in inoculating the children faster and it will also  offer booster doses if they are required against the new virus variants as stated by the administration officials.

The health officials also want to avoid these unnecessary obstacles which had hindered the vaccines’s early rollout. The major was that the doses had to be put on the shelves, when the sign-up systems had crashed and non-clarity eligibility rules confused the public. Another challenge in the process is that these problems still exist to a level. This deepens the questions of whether they would be able to go to the next phase in the vaccination campaign of the country.

These new stakes are quite higher today. Since with the continued effort to control the spread of this virus variants. With a new president that has made reducing the pandemic his main focus, the cases are expected to go down. Enlarged supply of the vaccines will intensify the pressure to answer to the yawning racial gaps which have been found in the early vaccination data. 

Holes in coverage, be it of people in homeless shelters or homebound seniors, may turn out to be all the more visible  when there are more doses to be given.

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More supply will be accompanied by new challenges, main among them might be addressing hesitancy of the general public to get the shots, which could substantially suppress demand and thereby make it all the more difficult – to achieve the targeted high levels of immunity which is needed to stop the spread of  disease. All the States  should also  have enough sites to give the vaccines, in addition to adequate staff to administer them besides recording data of patients and monitoring for possible side effects.

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