Will States And Schools Follow The Guidelines Of Cdc Of Mandatory Masks?

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : July 28, 2021

The Centres for Disease Control has revised its course and urged even fully vaccinated American Citizens to wear masks indoors in areas where the transmission rate of the virus is high. The CDC has also called for mask-wearing among teaching staff and others to protect kids who still are not eligible for vaccination.

The aggressive and rapid spread of the virus and delta variant has created a sense of worry everywhere and this has led to CDC to reconsider masking guidelines. CDC director Rochelle Walensky said this change in guidelines had to be done. Earlier CDC had announced vaccinated students and staff don’t need masks. Now CDC recommends everyone to stay masked indoors too.

Will States And Schools Follow The Guidelines Of Cdc Of Mandatory Masks?

Walensky said that vaccinating more American citizens as soon as possible is urgent. The current illness, suffering leading to death can be avoided with a higher vaccination rate in the country. Doctors support the widespread vaccination but they say that vaccination is facing political difficulty too.

If vaccination rates go slow health experts believe the best option would be going back to offline schools, masking and social distancing would be the best choice. Schools led by southern and republicans have cancelled the mask requirements and are starting schools that will gather thousands of unvaccinated kids under one roof.

In Children, it is very rare that they get extremely sick of COVID but the delta variant this summer has spread to about 4.1 million. This has resulted in about 18 thousand hospitalizations and nearly 350 deaths. 

Will States And Schools Follow The Guidelines Of Cdc Of Mandatory Masks?

It should be noted that much higher and middle school students are eligible to be vaccinated. The elementary school kids are not eligible. Vaccination for kids under the age of 12 will not be available anytime soon. Tina Tan who is a paediatrics professor at Northern University says that only 30 per cent of kids under the age of 12 to 17 are vaccinated, which is a small percentage. Increasing the vaccinations for eligible school children will be the best solution to control the spread of in schools. Dr Amish Adalja who is a senior scholar at Jon Hopkins University believes that it cannot be a coincidence where covid cases are high in some regions the vaccination rates are very low. The cases of spread are definitely not from those who are fully vaccinated.

Conflicting guidelines about masks

CDC and the American Academy of paediatrics both urge school reopening. But there is a conflict in guidelines issued by both of these medical institutes. The Paediatrics group suggested that anyone above the age of 2 had to wear masks in school. This contradicted the guidelines issued earlier by CDC that masks were not mandatory for staff and students. But Walensky has recently cited that vaccinated people getting affected with delta variant is a cause to reconsider masks mandate by CDC. In public schools of Missouri, masks were optional in June but the spread increased rapidly. So Masks were reinstated in July. The state department of California requires masks indoors too regardless of vaccinated or not vaccinated.

Mixed responses

Public school teachers in NYC and California are the first ones to be subjected to mandatory vaccination, otherwise, they have to undergo regular screening. Teachers Union said though vaccination was made mandatory tit still allows personal choice. In NYC department of education has at least 60 per cent of staff who are first dose vaccinated. The majority of colleges have issued vaccination mandates. The Campuses that are vaccinated will be in the safe and best position. The California state university is very huge and around 600 campuses have made masks mandatory.

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