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States with the Highest Rate of New COVID 19 Infections Report Higher Percentage of New Vaccinations

States that witnessed the highest number of COVID 19 infections in the country are reporting the highest number of new vaccinations, say reports.

Tennessee was the worst affected in the country. At present, it ranks sixth in the number of new vaccinations. Hospitals here are grappling with the ever-increasing surge of the Delta variant of the virus. The State Health Department said on Twitter that almost all hospitals in the State are experiencing constraints.

States with the Highest Rate of New COVID 19 Infections Report Higher Percentage of New Vaccinations

The infections continue to spike. It also requested everyone to get vaccinated at the earliest available opportunity. The office even pointed out that most of the hospitalizations are from among unvaccinated people. Almost 42.1% of its population is fully vaccinated.

States with the Highest Rate of New COVID 19 Infections Report Higher Percentage of New Vaccinations

Alabama stands second when it comes to the number of COVID 19 infections. But the state ranks first in the matter of new vaccinations. The State is requesting residents to receive their shots as early as possible. New cases, hospitalizations, and deaths are on the rise, officials report. It has also started a new vaccination campaign.

Alabama witnessed a 20% increase in COVID 19 test positivity rate. And it has declared every single County there are zones of high transmission. Up to 38% of its population has received the two doses of a vaccine.

Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, and South Carolina are the other States with a higher number of infections that have reported an increase in the number of new vaccinations.

A reputed network of hospitals in Florida reported a slight decrease in the number of new infections. But they still remain higher than the past surges. Its chief expressed optimism at the continuing downward trend. However, it informs that its hospitals are still experiencing capacity constraints. It will take some time for them to relax.

As per the data Department of Health and Human Services published recently, the number of hospitalizations in the country is slowly declining. In July, it rose three times higher than that of the previous month. In August, it was double that of July.

Every week, the number of hospitalizations grew 25% higher than that of the previous week. The trend continued for eight Sundays. But it is growing only by a rate of 2% from the past week. The number of hospitalizations this week was down 134 when compared with the previous week.

Hospitalizations in Florida and Texas come up to 32% of the total numbers across the country. Florida is reporting an 11% decline in the number of hospitalizations. In Texas, the numbers remain steady. This, experts, attribute, to the national trend.

Hospitalizations still remain dangerously high across the country. At present, more than 102,804 people are hospitalized in the US due to COVID 19. Hospitals across the country are almost full; up to three-quarters. The same is 80% when it comes to ICUs.

Almost 62% of the country’s entire population has received at least one dose of a vaccine. 52% are fully vaccinated.

In the near future, you may need to receive three doses of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines to be treated as fully vaccinated. But officials observed that it is for the FDA to decide. The agency will take a call on the matter in a few days.

Both Moderna and Pfizer have applied for emergency use authorization for their booster shots.

Immunologists say that they will not be surprised if a full-dose vaccination regimen becomes three doses. The interval of a few months between the two doses allows the immune system to adapt to the new instruction. And a booster dose adds up to its defense mechanism.

If FDA authorizes a booster shot, the Federal authorities will campaign for it. Johnson & Johnson is evaluating such a possibility for its single-shot vaccine.

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