Vaccinated Students Are Required To Stay Home- Florida Dept Of Education

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : October 25, 2021

In response to Centner Academy’s controversial vaccination policy, Florida’s Department of Education sent a letter to the school on Thursday. For 30 days after their child has gotten a Covid-19 vaccine injection at Centner Academy, parents are urged in a letter acquired by The Associated Press to keep them at home. The letter contains false and discredited claims about the vaccination’s impact, all of which have been shown to be false.

Vaccinated Students Are Required To Stay home- Florida Dept Of Education

According to previous statements from the school, non-vaccinated people may experience adverse reactions as a result of “interacting with people who have been vaccinated,” claims that have not been identified or supported by research conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Food and Drug Administration (FDA), National Institutes of Health (NIH), or World Health Organization (WHO), among other institutions.

Vaccinated Students Are Required To Stay Home- Florida Dept Of Education

Following extensive research, each of the four agencies has confirmed that immunizations are by far the most effective strategy to guard against coronavirus transmission as well as significant sickness and death caused by Covid-19. According to the Department of Education, this was a recent discovery. It required parents of recently immunized students to quarantine the children for an unreasonable, unnecessary, and unduly burdensome period before returning to the school for in-person instruction before writing the letter.

“While the Department of Education is presently examining the problem, Centner Academy has various duties under the law,” including “attendance requirements as well as health, safety, and welfare standards,” as Senior Vice Chancellor Jacob Oliva reminded Centner Academy. He asked administrators to reexamine their regulations to see whether they adhered to Florida law. According to Oliva, schools’ eligibility for scholarship financing would be jeopardized if they did not meet the state’s standards.

According to Oliva, he said that the school has till Friday to show that its processes are in compliance. We will take immediate and decisive action, and it says if our examination shows that your schools’ practices do not meet these legal rights and duties. The media has contacted Centner Academy for a response to the department of education’s letter. According to a document acquired by WSVN, children who have received vaccinations will be required to stay at home for 30 days after the administration of each dose and booster. The letter said that if the student is healthy and free of symptoms after 30 days, they would be able to return to school.

It’s a “prudent preventative move,” according to David Centner, co-founder of the Centner Academy. This week, the plan was unveiled. When asked whether someone who had got the COVID vaccination might potentially infect someone else, he said, “The school administration does not believe so.” The school also does not have an opinion on whether or not a vaccine is harmful to others.

Centner Academy did not respond to a request for a copy of the email it issued to parents, as reported by the media. According to the CDC’s myths and facts website on vaccinations, “To describe the release or discharge of any vaccine component inside or outside of the body, the phrase “vaccine shedding” is used. Only a weakened strain of the virus may cause vaccination shedding. In the United States, no live virus is included in any of the (Covid-19) vaccinations that are currently approved for use.”

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