Stem Cell Therapy Can Help Beat The Leukemia

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : April 7, 2021

Globally, cancer has become one of the most horrible and feared diseases. World health organization declared cancer as the second leading killer in the world. Every day there are almost 1300 and deaths because of cancer. The statistics are terrifying. During the past few years, many new forms of cancer have emerged.

Stem Cell Therapy Can Help Beat The Leukemia

Among these cancers, Acute LymphoblasticLeukemia is the scariest, and people who suffer from it get worse if they aren’t treated quickly. Leukemia refers to white blood, and it is one form of cancer, which affects the white blood cells in our body. It is commonly found in children. Even adults may get Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, but their symptoms are hard to find compared to a child.

Stem Cell Therapy Can Help Beat The Leukemia

Almost every 350 children are starting to develop Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia symptoms just by the time they reach their 20’s. Every year, it affects higher than 30,000 people in the US. It is believed that this cancer affects children more than adults, but it doesn’t discriminate the adults and children; it affects both.

Usually, a healthy person’s blood is made up of fluid called plasma and has three different blood cell types. Every cell has its own function. There is a spongy center referred to as bone marrow, and it’s where these blood cells are formed.

White blood cells are referred to as leukocytes, and they help our body to fight any infections. Sometimes, these blood cells may become myeloid cells or lymphoid cells. Myeloid cell develops into Red blood cells, Platelets or Granulocytes. Whereas, lymphoid cell develops into B lymphocytes, T lymphocytes or natural killer cells.

These cells can develop into the Lymphoblast, which is called Leukemia cells. Leukemia cells cannot fight the infection well, as they don’t work as normal Lymphocytes. As the number of Leukemia cells is increased in our blood, the healthy white blood cells decrease, which can lead to infections, bleeding, and anaemia.

In any cancer, immediate medical protection and early diagnosis are extremely important. The most common treatments are either radiation therapy, surgery, or chemotherapy. Generally, the surgery can be performed to remove cancer from the body. In radiation therapy, radiation is used for killing cancer cells. Whereas in chemotherapy, the patient will be injected with the drugs that can kill the present cancer cells.

Using the Stem cell transplant method, destroyed blood-forming cells can be replaced by giving a high dose of chemotherapy. In the stem cell transplant method, the stem cells, which are called immature blood cells, can be removed from the patient’s blood or the bone marrow once the patient is injected with a high dose of chemotherapy.

Through infusion, the stem cells can be given back to the patient from the donor. This method is rarely used in children and adults as an initial treatment. In stem cell transplant, it’s completely alright even if donor and patient are not related. “As we all know, every treatment and the medical plan has side-effects, aftercare is most important of any cancer treatment.”

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