‘The Next Revolution’ Host Steve Hilton Says President Joe Biden Must Be Investigated

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : July 11, 2022

A leaked voicemail allegedly showed the president asking Hunter about China transactions. Steve Hilton chastised President Joe Biden for denying any involvement in Hunter Biden’s commercial dealings.

On July 10, 2022, Next Revolution spoke, “The corruption, though, hasn’t been as obvious lately because of all the chaos. Everything was altered this week.

‘The Next Revolution’ Host Steve Hilton Says President Joe Biden Must Be Investigated

We’ve been outlining the evidence of the Biden family’s blatant and pervasive corruption racket for years.”

Joe Biden was given responsibility for Ukraine policy. Then his son was hired by shady lobbyists to advance the interests of a Ukrainian gas business.

‘The Next Revolution’ Host Steve Hilton Says President Joe Biden Must Be Investigated

And in 2020, the cash for the gas scam was made public which involved funneling American tax dollars to Ukraine’s gas industry.

It is still not clear how much of the money went to the organization that paid Hunter Biden. When Joe Biden was ordered to negotiate in Beijing, Hunter tagged along to pursue lucrative side deals.

Days later, the Chinese government invested $1 billion in his company.

Biden wants to believe that he is not involved in any of this. Just a concerned father watching out for a rebellious son.

On the campaign trail during the presidential election, Biden categorically denied knowing about his son’s business operations. In September, a month later, he again denied it. He continued to deny it a third time in December.

He flatly disputed the truth three times in public and on the record. But he wasn’t just a helpless bystander to his sleazy son’s nefarious plots.

Along with Hunter’s business associates, he was playing golf. Not only did he know about it, but he was also profiting from it. That much is clear from the contract agreements with China that promised Joe Biden, the big guy, 10% of the deal.

This is because Biden’s own business partner, Tony Bobulinski, claimed that they had a discussion about it in May 2017 while both were in Los Angeles.

Even more clearly, it is evident because Hunter Biden texted his daughter Naomi to express his displeasure at having to pay “pop” Joe Biden only half of his wage.

And this week, unambiguous evidence is in Joe Biden’s own words. The American president repeatedly lied about how he took part in a corrupt scheme to use his position of power for personal advantage. 

“Joe Biden has to be looked into and, if there is sufficient proof, put on trial for corruption. But with our current terrible, hyperpartisan weasel of an Attorney General, Merrick Garland, that will never happen.”

But that doesn’t imply that all should ignore it. Joe Biden’s corruption must be looked into if the GOP wins the House in November. Joe Biden’s misuse of his position for personal financial benefit, not Hunter’s personal issues.

Because they all do it, Steve Hilton said that he is concerned that they won’t. They are all gathered in the swamp.

But the battle must never end. Hilton said that regardless of party, all must put an end to this swamp racket.

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