Strained Health Care Systems In The Whole Of The US!

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : January 14, 2022

Most of the staff in the US hospitals got down with the Delta variant. As a result, the hospitals face a crisis every minute to handle the increasing number of COVID-19 patients. Moreover, piles of dead bodies are there outside the cabins. The scenario is getting more disturbing every single day. The Omicron wave is the primary reason for such a critical condition all over America.

Strained Health Care Systems In The Whole Of The US!

As per one of the recent reports, the already dangerous Delta variant gives way to a new variety putting the health system under more pressure. Till now, the number of deaths and hospitalizations has crossed all the peak records prevailing last year. The country is witnessing an overwhelming situation with the advent of the Omicron rage.

Strained Health Care Systems In The Whole Of The US!

Sunday reports confirmed around 142,388 people infected with the latest variant were getting into the hospitals. Furthermore, the Health and Human Services Department of the United States mentioned that the current hospitalization rate is around 132,000, and the number is not giving any sign of declining. It was 83% less two weeks prior. So, undoubtedly the situation is alarming.

The recent trend shows that people of the age more than 60 years are not getting much affected this time. Rather children are the poor victims of the new variant. Many are below five years which has aroused a new concern among the doctors.

Several patients are not infected with the virus before admission. However, after hospitalization, all of them are getting the virus. The statistics will not show the accurate number of such patients. The sharp rise of the Omicron infected persons will gradually engulf more people in America. According to the recent predictions of the researchers, the new variant is going to affect more than 25000 within the next two days.

Although the jump in the hospitalization rates is lower than the death rates, panic is not leaving the US very soon. More than half of the total population is still roaming about without vaccinations. It is a serious issue as the caseloads are very high now. The health workers are also facing deterioration in their health. Many of the nurses, staff, and even the doctors are getting infected. As a result, staffing shortages are common in multiple hospitals.

Keeping the crisis in mind, the Government’s Health Department is allowing the already positive people to take care of the Covid patients. As all of them are vaccinated, the spread will not be so fast. This is the idea of most health officials. Moreover, no other alternative is there at present to concentrate on the huge flock of patients coming every minute.

Due to the over-flooding of the corona patients in almost all the hospitals, the beds for other patients are near to NIL. Thus, patients with sudden heart attacks, trauma, or road accidents face loads of hurdles. From the last December, such a scenario is becoming common in the entire country.

The primary health advisors of the country have already expressed how dangerous Omicron flow will become in the coming weeks. Such high rates of hospitalizations will continue to prevail in the whole of January month. However, there is a hope that the virus will lose its strength to a great extent by March.

Omicron only has some mild effects on the infected person. But it is more contagious than the other types of coronaviruses. The doctors still believe that most of the death cases are due to Delta. Omicron can only make you weak, and the risks are less if you are already boosted and vaccinated with two shots. People can get too sick in the absence of all the required shots.

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