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Students Quarantine Exposed To COVID 19 Is Voluntary In Florida Now!

The new Surgeon General of Florida has signed new Coronavirus safety protocols. They allow parents to decide whether to quarantine their children or not if they get exposed to someone who tested positive for COVID 19 and remains asymptomatic.

Quarantining For Students Exposed To COVID 19 Is Voluntary In Florida Now!

Florida recently got a new Surgeon General. Within one day of assuming his responsibility, he signed new COVID 19 safety protocols. They give parents the right to decide whether their children should go to school or stay quarantined if they happen to be exposed to someone tested positive for COVID 19. To enjoy the right, the children should be asymptomatic. The officer also modified the State’s rules against mask mandates.

Students Quarantine Exposed To COVID 19 Is Voluntary In Florida Now

Earlier, students had to quarantine themselves for four days if they are exposed to someone who tested positive for COVID 19 even if they were asymptomatic. At present, there are no restrictions on children going to school even if they get exposed to those tested positive for the virus. There is only one condition; they should have no symptoms of the infection. They are also free to quarantine for not more than seven days. They should not get sick during the time.

Quarantining disrupts education for healthy children, the State Governor said during a press conference. It is also a cause of concern for families. The State will implement a safety mechanism based on symptoms.

According to the agency, unvaccinated students should quarantine for two weeks if exposed to someone infected with the virus. Testing negative may shorten the quarantine to one week.

The State Teachers’ Association opposes the movement. They have to do everything in their power to protect children from infections. Minimizing the options available for school districts and blocking CDC recommendations will do more harm than good, educational experts believe.

The new Surgeon General, a health policy researcher and a reputed doctor, shares the views of the Republican Governor. He said that he has no faith in lockdowns, masks,s or vaccination mandates.

The Governor and his team always opposed mask and vaccination mandates. It stood against school authorities for imposing such mandates. According to him, those who test positive with COVID 19 should be treated with monoclonal antibodies.

The State administration, however, has not modified certain rules. Those students who get infected with the virus are required either to quarantine or test negative for the disease. They should get asymptomatic before they can return to school. They may even submit a doctor’s recommendation to apply for an exemption.

Earlier, schools were allowed to require masks for students. They had the choice to opt-out. At present, the decision depends on the parents’ or legal guardians’ decision.

Authorities in certain counties have opposed the State’s decision to bar mask mandates. But the State Health Department said that the new rules will make the lawsuits against the old rules invalid.

There are also those who oppose the Governor’s moves.

According to State Health Department, CDC does not recommend masks for asymptomatic people. There are no vaccines available to prevent COVID 19 at present. Thus the Department offers the following everyday actions to stay safe:

  • Avoid coming into contact with those sick with the infection
  • If ill, stay at home and avoid contacting people with other health issues
  • Don’t touch your mouth, nose or eyes with unclean hands.
  • Cover your cough and sneeze with a tissue. Dispose it of safely.

And do not forget to wash your hands for 20 seconds as often as possible.

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