New Study Confirmed That Power Of Fasting Diets For Weight Loss

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : December 22, 2021

Due to its potential health benefits, these days, intermittent fasting is all the rage. It has been demonstrated by a new study that certain markers of heart health and weight loss are produced by this style of eating.

New Study Confirmed That Power Of Fasting Diets For Weight Loss

For several diets that alternate between feasts and fasts, intermittent fasting is an umbrella term.

New Study Confirmed That Power Of Fasting Diets For Weight Loss

Your calories are restricted on 2 days of the week and your diet is normal on the other 5 days in the 5:2 diet. A fast day-feast day, a fast day-feast day pattern is called for by alternate-day fasting. Eating only during a specific time window daily is referred to by time-restricted eating.

Krista Varady said that effective weight loss interventions are posed by the different forms of intermittent fasting. She said that an effective means of lowering the risk for heart disease is given by intermittent fasting. The amount of bad cholesterol and LDL is also lowered by the method.

She said that weight loss is most likely the main reason for these effects. She added that weight loss is caused due to a calorie restriction of 15 to 30% every day.

She also said that there are almost always reductions in the levels of LDL cholesterol, blood pressure, and insulin resistance.

11 studies that comprised 130 trials of various intermittent fasting regimens were analyzed by the researchers for the purpose of the study.

When all the studies were looked at as a whole by the investigators, weight loss and improvements in risk factors for the health of the heart were seen when intermittent fasting was followed.

To comprise a clinically significant weight loss, there needs to be a reduction of at least 5%. Only alternate day fasting and the 5:2 diet showed these results.

It was said that it was way too early to decide which method works best for people, according to 2 experts. They were uninvolved in the study.

Benjamin Horne said that some regimens result in the loss of weight and that this study provides strong evidence that supports that. He specified that all of the regimens do not result in the loss of weight.

He also said that there were various decreases in body mass metrics and cardiometabolic risk factors were improved.

Cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and measures of insulin resistance were also improved.

He noted that the most profound benefits were shown by the methods of this study. He also said that they were the most difficult to follow.

Horne said that the ability of an average person to follow this must be evaluated by future studies. He said that this must be done as it is not clear whether these results are sustainable over a long period of time.

The reduction of heart attacks or strokes was also not addressed by this study. They were unable to ascertain whether longevity was extended too.

The most important question that he asked was whether weight loss could be sustained without the continuation of the regimen.

Safety also has to be considered. Horne explained that unsuspecting people may be harmed by the hype that surrounds intermittent fasting. These people who have been diagnosed with chronic diseases just want to achieve better health.

Robin Foroutan said that he only recommends eating that is time-restricted and diets that mimic fasting.

He said that this is because these methods help to trick the body into thinking that you are fasting even when you are eating. He also said that these methods are more likely to be followed for longer as they are easier.

He said that you must always talk to your doctor before doing such things.

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