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Study Finds That Oxidative Stress Increases In First Time Vape Users

According to a new study, young adults who are healthy and try to vape for the first time may experience an immediate reaction that can harm cells and lay the groundwork for different diseases.

A mere 30 minutes of vaping can cause a surge in oxidative stress. This phenomenon happens when there is an imbalance between molecules that damage cells, which are known as free radicals, and antioxidants that fight themselves.

Study Finds That Oxidative Stress Increases In First Time Vape Users

Dr. Holly Middlekauff, a professor of cardiology and physiology at UCLA, said that just like there is no safe level of tobacco cigarette smoking, there is no safe amount of electronic cigarette vaping. She added that vapes are not harmless and nonsmokers should not begin to use them.

She mentioned that many young people, up to 20 and 30% of high schoolers have used a vape in the past month, thinking that vapes pose no threat to their lives.

She further said that this misconception is mainly prevalent due to the dessert flavors and the cool method in which the vape is dispensed by the devices.

Study Finds That Oxidative Stress Increases In First Time Vape Users

Middlekauff said that new research shows that just one vaping session can cause adverse effects on the body that are easily detectable.

Even though a majority of the participants in the study were young adults, the researchers are of the opinion that the results would be the same in teenagers.

It was reported that repeated increases in oxidative stress can be harmful to the body as chances of suffering from cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases go up exponentially in the long run. This is in addition to cancer and accelerated aging.

Middlekauff and her colleagues collected the immune cells of the participants prior to vaping and 30 minutes after vaping. Then, they compared the changes in oxidative stress between 3 groups. The scientists also collected cells of those that had been placebo affected into thinking they vaped. This was used as a control.

The people who participated in the research were between the ages of 21 and 33, out of which: 11 were nonsmokers, 9 were smokers of normal cigarettes, and 12 were e-cigarette smokers.

When regular e-cigarette and cigarette smokers were exposed to the same amount of vapes, it was found that their oxidative stress level did not increase. It was revealed that this was mainly attributed to the fact that their levels of oxidative stress were already high.

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The researchers found the results troubling because of the growing popularity of vaping among teens and young adults.

Almost 30% of high schoolers said that they had used a vape during a study conducted in 2020.

The director of the Center for Tobacco Control in New York, Patricia Folan said that health experts have known about the harms of vaping for some time now. She was not involved in the study but took some time to review the findings.

Folan said that the perception that these vaping products are a healthy alternative to cigarettes was generated by the manufacturers of these products. Greater usage of vapes in recent years has helped researchers learn the capacity for addiction and the harmful effects of nicotine addiction in an adolescent brain that is still developing.

These products are made with toxins and cancer-causing substances and have been linked to health hazards such as lung injuries that are related to vaping accidents.

She said that the aerosols present in the vapor irritate the eyes, lungs, and throat. She added that studies that have been conducted recently have indicated that using a vape can also increase the risk of developing serious Covid infections and that people must be discouraged from exposing themselves to these products.

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