Sunscreen Won’t Protect You From All Skin Damages -Dermatologist Tips

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : August 29, 2022

According to the latest finding published by the University of California, it has been brought forward that the sunscreen upon which around 70% of the world’s population depends to protect from skin damage and sun tanning is not at all adequate to control these two sides effects. It discovered that sunscreen is an infectious tool to protect yourself from the harmful ultraviolet waves of the Sun. 

It highlights that sunscreen is nothing but a kind of moisturizer, and even if some kinds of sunscreens are adequate to prevent the harmful effect of the Sun from reaching the skin below, also it is very temporary. It may not promise to give long-term results. Even the Dermatologist has confirmed these findings by enumerating different types of evidence in this regard. 

What Does Sunscreen Do? 

The skin, when exposed to the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays, tries to block the rays from reaching inside the body through the production of melanin. To protect the skin from rays, this melanin increases. This causes the darkening of the skin. Sunscreen may be effective in reducing the darkening of the skin. 

Sunscreen Won't Protect You From All Skin Damages

It creates a shield on the top layer of the skin, which helps to fight the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays and prevent them from even reaching the skin. This can reduce the production of melanin, and then the darkening of the skin can be prevented with the help of this method. But sometimes, some of the mild rays can still filter and can be responsible for causing tanning in the first place. The efficiency of the sunscreen to prevent tanning is directly attacked. 

Can we avoid sunscreen? 

Sunscreen has proved to be an ineffective tool to control tanning incidence. But is it entirely safe to avoid sunscreen and go out without applying sunscreen on the skin? The answer is a complete no. It is essential to understand the basic fact that avoidance of sunscreen can be harmful to the skin because it does play an essential role in protecting the skin from skin cancer and other types of disorders. 

It is also essential to maintain the pH level of the skin. So instead of completely discarding this product, it can be used with specific guidelines along with other natural dermatological methods that increase the efficiency to protect yourself from tanning and different types of skin disorders in the heat of the Sun. 

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What are the other methods to protect tanning? 

Using a broad-coverage sunscreen with an SPF of 15 to 60 is the best mechanism to control the adverse effects. You can also try to cover your face with makeup infused with infused goodness. Not only this but also you can think of other effective methods to control this kind of problem. Drinking plenty of water and using only dermatologically approved makeup to help save yourself from sunlight should be applied on the face to avoid further damage. 


It has to be concluded that it is only with the help of a combination of methods that you can protect yourself in such a delicate situation. You cannot even allow your skin to get tanned in the heat of the Sun. You also cannot tolerate skin disorders to crop up in the skin after observing the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. In such a situation, what basically matters is to collaborate with different methods that ultimately have the efficiency to produce the best result on the skin without any problem.


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