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Supreme Court Denies Halting The Turnover Of Donald Trump’s Tax Records To Prosecutor

Former President Donald Trump faces a significant defeat in the Supreme court on Monday. The Supreme court denied to halt the turnover of Trump’s tax records to a prosecutor based in New York. 

With the Supreme court’s decision into the case, a lengthy legal battle is finally concluded. The case has already been represented in high court before.

Supreme Court Denies Halting The Turnover Of Donald Trump’s Tax Records To Prosecutor

This was a severe blow to Donald Trump who was fighting at several fronts to shield the tax records from viewing. Since the tax records are a part of a criminal investigation by the New York prosecutor, these are not going to be available for public viewing. 

The tax records case can become an issue for Trump in his life after leaving White House. Trump said that the handover of his tax records is nothing but a fishing expedition. He compared this with a witch hunt calling it to be the greatest witch hunt in the US history.

Supreme Court Denies Halting The Turnover Of Donald Trump's Tax Records To Prosecutor

The Supreme court took a long time in deciding this matter. It has been months that the Trump’s request was pending with the court. The briefs of the particular case were completed in October 2019. The court has three appointees of Trump. It seems like that the court waited all through the elections and then Trump’s denial of his defeat and even one more month after Trump left his office this year. 

The delay in the process and the decision making was not clarified by the court. They even didn’t explain if the judges faced any legal issues while Trump was still holding the presidential office. 

A Manhattan district attorney is cherishing the Supreme court’s order who seek the tax records on the first place. Cyrus Vance Jr. had requested Trump’s tax records in 2019 that were required while he was on an investigation. Vance is a Democrat and had subpoenaed Trump’s tax records from the Mazars accounting firm. The firm is known to have worked for Trump and his businesses for quite a long time. 

Mazars have agreed to respond to the subpoena. But Donald Trump sued Mazars to block the tax record’s release.

Vance’s is glad with the decision. He said that with the supreme court’s decision not to intervene to halt the turnover of his tax records, he is now free to enforce the subpoena on the Mazars to obtain the records. He added that he is not yet sure when the step would be taken.

The case involved a grand jury subpoena. It seeks Trump’s personal as well as corporate tax records that spans about more than eight years. In one of the courts filing last year, the prosecutors defended and justified themselves to ask for these records. According to the statement, there are public reports that talks about protracted and extensive criminal conduct at organizations held by Donald Trump. They needed to look into this matter.

The investigation also involves porn actress Stormy Daniels and model Karen McDougal who were allegedly paid by Trump for not revealing their extramarital affairs with Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign. 

Trump’s argument that he is immune to such investigations while holding the office was ruled out in July last year by the justices. The argument that the prosecutors need to provide a strong reason for asking his tax records was also turned down.

Even the Trump nominated justices, Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh, joined that decision. After this decision the case was returned to lower courts. The courts then prevented the turnover when the case was still proceeding. 

Trump’s lawyers with many new arguments asked to halt the turnover of the tax records. But the appeal was lost in a federal court in New York. Monday’s final decision was for these appealing that were asked to be put on hold by Trump.

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